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What is AUG?

AUG is the Start Codon in the messenger RNA sequence. AUG (or Aug.) is also the abbreviation for the month of August. AUG is the airport identifier for Augusta State Air ( Full Answer )
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What are the anticodons of aug?

It would be UAC. RNA does not use thymine. It replaces it with Uracil. So instead of TAC it will be UAC.
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What codon is AUG?

Well AUG is a codon itself. it codes for the amino acid met. It is often called the start codon.
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What happened Aug 4 1994?

1994 was a common year that started on a Saturday. On the 4th day of August, Dwingeloo 1, near milky way system, was discovered.
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Can you own a AUG?

That depends on the laws where you live. Without the benefit of knowing this, there's no way of telling you whether you can or not.
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When was the Aug made?

The Steyr AUG (Armee Universal Gewehr) assault rifle was designed in 1977 and entered production in 1978 .
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What actors and actresses appeared in Auge um Auge - 2002?

The cast of Auge um Auge - 2002 includes: Mariella Ahrens as herself Ben Becker as himself Caroline Beil as herself Julia Biedermann as herself Arthur Brauss as himself Wayne ( Full Answer )