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Which bag works better paper bag or plastic bag?

As more and more countries are demanding the reduction in plasticbag used (because of their environmental impact) then Paper basedpackaging is prefered and because of it recyc ( Full Answer )
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Why are bags called bags?

If you look back on old English text you come across the root word "Bég"Over centuries this became the modern day "bag"
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How are bags made?

There are so many different types of bags which are made in variedways. Most bags are made from leather and other synthetic materialsincluding velvet.
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What is a mors bag?

Mors bags are bags made from otherwise discarded fabric- curtains, bedcovers, old clothes etc. sewn into useable shopping bags and then distributed free to shoppers.. A commu ( Full Answer )
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What is a Bouche Bag?

"Bouche Bag" is a mispronounced phrase for the term, "douche bag", which according to the current sixth definition in the Urban Dictionary is " An individual who has an over ( Full Answer )
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What is a deush bag?

A douche bag (oftentimes misspelled as deush bag) is a derogatoryterm. It is used to indicate that someone is not nice.
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What is a scum bag?

A scum bag is a person who usually comes from a troubled background . A person who does things underhandedly, usually for criminal puposes , lest not be caught . Eg: The ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get a bag from?

You can get bags from the traditional brick and mortar stores in malls and trade centers as well as you can buy a bag from online stores and websites. The advantage of an onli ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get your bag?

I usually shop from designer stores and online shops. I love bags. I keep on buying bags every now and then. I love totes and hobos. They are the best. I like checking out bag ( Full Answer )
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What is a skunk-bag?

A term used as a substitute for b****. Usually referring to someone who has wronged or angered you. Common in shows like iCarly and Drake and Josh That woman stole my husban ( Full Answer )
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Can a duffel bag be a carry on bag?

Of course it can be. Just like any other bags, duffel bag can also be a carry on bag. The only way you can't carry it if it's too heavy for your shoulders might get injured.
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What is the G bag?

a g bag is a Osiris backpack with Two little amps that is on the sides of the g bag witch is attachable and unteachable amps also it has a base so if u have a regular ipod u c ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get a makeup bag?

I normally get makeup bags from cosmetic shops like: Superdrug or boots But there is a lot more places you can go to get one. Hope this helps.
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Is a bag dangerous?

Yes some bags can be dangerous, for example a plastic wal-Mart bag can make somebody suffocate
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What are the bags made of?

well according to all the diffrent materials that are already made it is mostly leather,silk or velvet.
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What are the contents of the bag?

Please resubmit your question giving more details. Before your question can be answered need to know what bag and whose bag for example.
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What is a carry on bag?

A carry on bag is luggage you bring with you on the airplane. They are usually stowed in the overhead bins or under the seat in front of you.
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What is the noun for bag?

The word bag is both a noun and a verb (bag, bags, bagging, bagged). Example uses: Noun: I don't know which bag goes best with this coat. Verb: I will bag the customer's gr ( Full Answer )
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Why is the bag red of Skittles bag?

The color red is associated with hunger, and subliminally makes you hungry. This is also used in many movie theaters, where the color red is used in the curtains to try and ha ( Full Answer )
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Can you reuse bags?

well yes because you can reuse them each day and you can also reuse bottle's so not just bags so yes you can x
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Are bags accessories?

Yes, bags are a sort of accessory. So are all types of jewelry, hats and anything that doesn't have to be there, but you just put it there for decoration/fashion. . Certa ( Full Answer )
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What does in the bag mean?

If you have something "in the bag," then it's a sure thing - youare going to be able to deliver.
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Where are bags in woozworld?

Ivibecentral 1 . Coconut groove . booya . myawooz show . ruins . woozworld plaza . omz . fairy chamber
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Where is bags in woozworld?

Rookie Quests, iVibe Centralz 1, Woozworld Plaza, OMZ, Booya, Park,Mountain, Fairy Chamber, Coconut Grove, and I think there's one inThe Late Night Show with Mya
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Can you bag out a mustang?

Yah , hahaha u can bag anything out that u drive too hard. Mustangs just last ALOT longer before they are completely "bagged" lol
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Does it costs for bags?

If u r talkin bout plastic store ones, five cents for each one at a grocery.
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How to get rid of bags?

Well it depends, if it's something like grocery bags then you'd put them in the trash. If it's bags from under your eyes all you have to do is simply sleep.
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What is in a resin bag?

No such thing. A rosin bag is used to improve the grip on the bat. It is against the rules to use it on the ball, but sometimes a little bit "sneaks" onto the ball when the um ( Full Answer )
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What can you do with plastic bags?

Some stores and supermarkets will recycle them if they are clean. Some people use them to wrap their food scraps (newspaper is much better, if it's going into landfill). You c ( Full Answer )
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What are contractor bags?

Contractor bags are simply the black plastic bags used for collecting trash, but bigger and stronger as they are used for collecting construction waste materials.
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What is the noun of bag?

The word bag is a singular, common, concrete noun. The word bag is also a verb (bag, bags, bagging, bagged).
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Where can you get a manual and the bags?

If you have lost the manual and bags for your vacuum, you may be able to order more through the vacuums manufacturer. You may also be able to get replacement vacuum bags from ( Full Answer )
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Where did Katniss get her bag from?

If you are talking about the bag that she got at the beginning of the Games, she got that by the Cornucopia, but if you are talking about her game bag, then most likely her da ( Full Answer )
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What is a Morse bag?

a bag made from waste fabrics. used as shopping bags to cut down on plastic bags etc going into landfill.