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When was the Big Bang?

The current estimate for the initial expansion of the universedubbed "The big bang" occurred about 13.7 billion years ago.
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What is big bang?

when the world was so young the stars all incident each other and blast is called the big bang..
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What to do if you bang your head?

If you bang your head you should get some ice and rub it on your head for a while.Then it will get better.
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Was there a Big Bang?

Yes, there probably was. The Big Bang is currently assumed by physicists to have occurred several billion years ago. It is based on mathematical modeling, observations of the ( Full Answer )
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What is bang bang skeet skeet?

They are slang terms used in a lot of hip hip/pop music and culture describing the action of fornication. To "bang" is to have sex, and to "skeet" is to ejaculate. Skeet is ( Full Answer )
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What are bangs?

It is shorter hair that hangs over the front of your forehead or atthe side of your face. Answer by HyperactiveChatterbox: There aremany different kinds of bangs.
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What is a flash bang?

there is a flash bang grenade.. If that's what you are refering to, it is a grenade designed to emit a loud noise, and a bright flash of light, often used by military and law ( Full Answer )
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Should you get bangs?

No way, unless your willing to take care of them. Bangs aren't good for people who are athletic and don't like hairbands, they are for those who have the time to straighten th ( Full Answer )
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Why are bangs called bangs?

Bangs are the style name in the US. In the UK they are called fringes. Wikipedia extrapolates that they are named after the style of bobbing horse's tails straight across call ( Full Answer )
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How do you swoop your bangs?

I have a secret to doing this.. After you shower, take your bangs and put them on the opposite side of your head then they usually are. Secure with a clip. Wait for your hair ( Full Answer )
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What can you do when the pistons are banging?

when the detroit pistons are banging u can get out of teh way and watch. when they suck as in right now, then u just watch will bynum....\ :D:D:D
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How do you get bangs?

when your hair grows longer in the front, you can ask your hairstylist to cut and shape your bangs if it will suit your face, not everyone looks good in bangs, let your stylis ( Full Answer )
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What did tupac bang?

Tupac was not a member of any gang or criminal organization. As far as what Tupac "banged" - three things: women, music, and guns.
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Who are the big bang?

big bang are Korean popstar The big bang is a theory, which explains constant cycle of life. It says that at first everything was one then there was a big bang (explosion) and ( Full Answer )
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Did the big bang make a bang?

actually, no! The Big Bang is just the event that created the universe. It couldn't have made a sound, because sound didn't exist back then.. Answer. No, in space, sound can ( Full Answer )
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What banged in earths big bang?

The "big bang" predated the Earth by about 8 billion years. The biggest bang that the Earth had was with a sister planet about 4.7 billion years ago which resulted in the fo ( Full Answer )
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What was the 'big bang'?

It is the theory that the universe began as a single point containing all the matter in the universe, all squashed up. Then, something happened which caused it to expand rapid ( Full Answer )
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Why are your pipes banging?

When a valve is closed quickly the flow of water is interupted causing a water hammer. A water hammer arrestor or air chamber can be used to absorb the hammer.
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What is chitty chitty bang bang?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is an amazing flying car, which drives by itself and has all sorts of gadgets. It was the title star of a childrens story written by Ian Fleming, the c ( Full Answer )
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What are bang bang shoes?

Bang Bang Shoes means really good footwear. Did you hear this from N-Dubz song? If yes than this is what it means :) Bang Bang shoes actually mean shoes with metal plates o ( Full Answer )
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How do you get bangs on poptropica?

Find someone with bangs that you like. In the top right hand corner of your screen, there's a button that says customizer. Click on it, and then click on the person with bangs ( Full Answer )
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What is a bang bang system?

A "bang bang" or anti-lag system is a way to reduce the lag in a turbocharged car by introducing fuel into the engine during idle time, but only igniting it when the engine ex ( Full Answer )
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What does bang bang mean in slang?

In the song of the same name by Dispatch it meant she woke him up to do some cocaine. I only know that because one of my sons told me.
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Who is Ryan bang?

Ryan Bang is a Korean that went to the Philippines and learned their language (Filipino).He joined Pinoy Big Brother and became famous.He joined in most shows in TFC (The Fili ( Full Answer )
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What is big - bang?

Big bang is the name given to the time when people thought the earth was created. Its called big bang because scientists think that two planets collided and earth was created. ( Full Answer )

What song has a chorus of bang bang bang bang?

yeah yeah ohhhhh my new boy used to be a moldel he looks way better than you my new boy gets it how to get me his love is deeper you now he is a real keeper you now bang bang ( Full Answer )
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Can you bang on a desk?

Well, yes... you can bang on a desk. Take your hand and bring it down quite forcibly on the top of the desk (you might want to clear sharp objects out of the way first). I ( Full Answer )
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How do you bang yourself?

If your a guy you put your hand on your privet parts and move it back and fourth. If your a girl you put yourhand in your privet part and move it in and out in a smooth motio ( Full Answer )
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How do you do flip bangs?

Wow..... Turn your head to the left then turn it to the right in a fast motion?
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Who wrote the song bang bang bang?

Perhaps you are asking about the song by Selena Gomez and the Scene, from 2011; that song was written by Meleni Smith and Priscilla Hamilton, as well as Toby Gad, who also pro ( Full Answer )
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Is bang bang k2?

Yes it is its 25.00 but its well worth it and plus it doesnt show up in your system we have bang bang in indy too
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Did the big bang start with a bang?

The universe began at what is called the Planck Era when timewas smallest unit of time which is 1.35 x's 10 -43 of 1 second andlasted until time was 10 -36 second so Planck er ( Full Answer )
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Is bangs a verb?

With the "s" ending, yes. It means to strike forcefully, as in, "The judge bangs his gavel." The root word, however, bang, is a noun: a loud, sudden, or explosive noise.
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When was the big bang-?

About 13.77 billions years ago. Give or take a few tens of millions of years.