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Are baptists crazy?

No, of course not. First, it should be noted that a member of a \nreligion should not be called "crazy." We may not agree with someone's \nreligious beliefs, and we may even (MORE)
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What do Baptists believe in?

The SBC link to the Baptist Faith and Message gives what most Baptist believe, but first and foremost, Baptist believe that Jesus was the Son of God and that through His death (MORE)
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How do Baptists pray?

Answer: 1. We Pray To The Father Matthew 6:9 (KJV) After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. John 16:23 (KJV) A (MORE)
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Stuff about Baptists?

I am a Baptist preacher's daughter, so maybe I can help. Baptists do not cross-dress,men do not wear women's clothes, women do not wear men's. pants, shorts, etc. (pants are c (MORE)
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How do Baptists get to heaven?

HI, Im TENA first of all im not christian, but i may beable to helpGOOD QUESTION. I DO ALOT OF STUDIES, REALIGION 1. IS THE CREATORBAPTIST ? I WOULD THINK NOT. #2 DO YOU THINK (MORE)
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Who was jean baptiste?

he was a famos diamond hunter who i think found the hope diamond
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What do Baptists believe?

The SBC link to the Baptist Faith and Message gives what most Baptist believe, but first and foremost, Baptist believe that Jesus was the Son of God and that through His death (MORE)
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How do Baptists worship?

baptists worship by them being given the chance to stand up and express what god has told them to say.And they always say what is on their minds not bad things but the good th (MORE)
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Who do Baptists worship?

\nWe believe that God created us\nJesus died for our sins by the cross\nWe do NOT worship Mary. We believe that she was very, very special, but we do not worship her.\nGod onl (MORE)
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Why are baptists called baptists?

called baptist because they believe a newly converted believer should be dipped under water, symbol of death burial resurrection of Jesus Christ.
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Founder of Baptists?

Many folks are confused about this issue. Baptist did not have a founder. Not a human founder that is. The head and founder of the church is Jesus Christ Their standards and b (MORE)
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What do Baptists do at Christmas?

Baptists sometimes put out nativity scenes and they usually recite the Christmas story (found in Luke). Some churches have a children's Christmas play. Baptists feel that Chri (MORE)
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Who do Baptists baptise?

Baptists baptize anyone who wants to profess their beliefe in the Christian faith before other Christians, usually the members of the church.
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What are the Baptists roles?

The answer solely depends on which sec of the Baptist faith you speak about. There are the Spiritual Shouter Baptist the Fundamental Baptist the London Baptist and the America (MORE)
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Do Baptists have priests?

No. The leader of a baptist church is called a preacher or pastor.
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Where do Baptists worship?

Anywhere you please, if you mean as a congregation, that would be in a church. Baptist worship in a church. This is common like many other denomination (Methodist, Lutheran, A (MORE)
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How are Baptists baptised?

Different churches baptise differently. Some believe in pouring water over the persons head and others believe in total submersion. Regardless of how it is done, it is an act (MORE)
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Where did Baptists get their name?

Baptize means to be surrounded or completely covered. John the Baptist baptized Jesus of Nazareth according to the Bible. The denomination of Baptists got their name because (MORE)
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When do Baptists worship?

Answer: Baptist worship on Sunday, the first day of the week. John 20:19 (KJV) Then the same day at evening, being the first day of the week , when the doors were shut wh (MORE)
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Are Baptists are millenialists?

Baptists in general are mostly premillenialists. That means that they believe that Jesus will literally come back for His children and leave the world for 1000 years before es (MORE)
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How the Baptists dress?

Most all Baptist believe in very modest clothing. How you dress should be honoring to God and an example to society of how true Christians should look. For example it is ungod (MORE)
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Who baptistized Jesus?

John the Baptist baptised Jesus in the Jordan river.
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Where do Baptists worship -?

Churches (and similar names) Typical names for Baptist churches are like, "First Baptist Church of Anyton, VA" or "Anyton Baptist Fellowship". Something close to this format.
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Are southern baptists the same as baptists?

when the term "baptist" is used most people are talking about Southern Baptists. They are the largest protestant group. They are organized as autonomous churches but the missi (MORE)