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What is a Baptist?

A Baptist is a person who belongs to the Baptist Church. Being aBaptist implies that you have certain things in common with otherBaptists, such as how you approach worship.
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What do Baptist believe?

Baptist believe that Jesus was the human form of God. The Son of God and part of the Holy Trinity. Baptist believe in the four spiritual laws. 1. Man was made in God' imag ( Full Answer )
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Are baptists crazy?

No, of course not. First, it should be noted that a member of a \nreligion should not be called "crazy." We may not agree with someone's \nreligious beliefs, and we may even ( Full Answer )
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Why are you a Baptist?

I am a Baptist because I need to be rooted and grounded in the Word of God, and I believe that the best way to interpret the Bible is to take it literally.. However, I am a I ( Full Answer )
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How do Baptists get to heaven?

HI, Im TENA first of all im not christian, but i may beable to helpGOOD QUESTION. I DO ALOT OF STUDIES, REALIGION 1. IS THE CREATORBAPTIST ? I WOULD THINK NOT. #2 DO YOU THINK ( Full Answer )
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What do Baptists believe?

The SBC link to the Baptist Faith and Message gives what most Baptist believe, but first and foremost, Baptist believe that Jesus was the Son of God and that through His death ( Full Answer )
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Why do they call baptist a baptist?

Baptists get their name from their belief that it is an important thing to be baptized. They believe that being baptized DOES NOT make you a Christian, but displays your belie ( Full Answer )
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Who do Baptists worship?

\nWe believe that God created us\nJesus died for our sins by the cross\nWe do NOT worship Mary. We believe that she was very, very special, but we do not worship her.\nGod onl ( Full Answer )
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Why are baptists called baptists?

called baptist because they believe a newly converted believer should be dipped under water, symbol of death burial resurrection of Jesus Christ.
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Why was John the Baptist called a baptist?

because he was called by god to baptise people: ask god to forgive them of their sins and cleanse them with the water of the river jordon, symbollically washing away a persons ( Full Answer )
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What is or who is baptist?

Typically, someone who is a member of a Baptist church. Baptists are a large, 400 year old protestant denomination descending from the Anglican Church and the Puritans in Engl ( Full Answer )
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What is the baptist bird and John the Baptist?

John the Baptist is the man who baptized Jesus Christ in the Jordanriver and who became one of his first twelve disciples. John theBaptist is also Jesus' cousin. As for the b ( Full Answer )
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How are you a baptist?

If you go to their church get "Baptised" as or become a member of the church
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Do Baptist do Lent?

Why not, I am baptist and i give up my meats just for the lord. God bless
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What is the Baptist connection to John the Baptist?

No connection really, although some Baptist Christians have sought to see a connection. Baptists, as a recognized entity, go back to the early 1600s. They often describe thems ( Full Answer )
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Where did Baptists get their name?

Baptize means to be surrounded or completely covered. John the Baptist baptized Jesus of Nazareth according to the Bible. The denomination of Baptists got their name because ( Full Answer )
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When was Jesus Baptist?

About thirty years after his birth, he was baptised according to the Bible, (John 3.21 to 23)
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How long was John the Baptist a Baptist?

Actually, to avoid confusion, it might be better to call him "John the Baptizer." Even though "John the Baptist" is a correct term, it can confuse people who are familiar with ( Full Answer )
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What is the Baptist denominaion?

Baptists are a denomination in themselves. Although some baptists don't accept the fact that they are part of the protestant movement, they do resemble protestant religions.
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Why baptist are called baptist?

The term baptist comes from the practice of re-baptism also known as anabaptist. It is common in many religions to baptize infants to dedicate the family and child to God but ( Full Answer )
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Can you marry in the baptist church if you are not baptist?

It depends, but the general answer is yes. Some churches will rent out their facility to anyone who wants to pay whatever the fee is (the Baptist church I used to go to charge ( Full Answer )
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Where did Baptist originate from?

John the Baptist (Bible: New Testament) . Historians trace the earliest Baptist church back to 1609 in Amsterdam , with English Separatist John Smyth as its pastor. I ( Full Answer )
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When do Baptists worship?

Answer: Baptist worship on Sunday, the first day of the week. John 20:19 (KJV) Then the same day at evening, being the first day of the week , when the doors were shut wh ( Full Answer )
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How did the Baptist get their name?

Baptism means to be surrounded. It was used to mean to be dipped in water or surrounded by love. Baptists got their name because they baptised members after they reached an ( Full Answer )
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Why is the Baptist church called Baptist?

Here's the problem. John the Baptist's baptism was not the baptism that Jesus and his disciples conferred. They baptized with water and 'in The Spirit'; John the Baptist did n ( Full Answer )
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What is water Baptist?

Answer The immersion or dipping of a believer in water symbolizing the complete renewal and change in the believer's life and testifying to the death, burial, and resurrectio ( Full Answer )
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What Baptist symbols are there?

The only symbol for people of the various Baptist denomination of the Christian faith is the Cross. This cross is always depicted as empty, unlike the Catholic Cross or cruci ( Full Answer )
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Is Jon the baptist a baptist?

He converted to the faith preached by Christ and went around baptizing people to the new faith. The divisions among christianity did not exist then because christianity did no ( Full Answer )
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Who were the baptists before John the Baptist?

John the Baptist was not a baptist, like we think of it today. He got that name because he was famous for baptizing people. Although, some well-meaning baptist might argue t ( Full Answer )
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Is cimorelli Baptist?

Cimorelli is Catholic. Their homepage blog says they would sing for Mass on Christmas, as another reference.
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Where do Baptists worship -?

Churches (and similar names) Typical names for Baptist churches are like, "First Baptist Church of Anyton, VA" or "Anyton Baptist Fellowship". Something close to this format.
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Are southern baptists the same as baptists?

when the term "baptist" is used most people are talking about Southern Baptists. They are the largest protestant group. They are organized as autonomous churches but the missi ( Full Answer )
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Who was Baptist by John the baptist?

All sorts of persons came to John to be baptized, including harlotsand tax collectors. (Matthew 21:32) In the autumn of 29 C.E., Jesuscame to John to be baptized. John at firs ( Full Answer )
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Why get baptist?

John preached baptism for forgiveness of sins for those repenting,confining his baptism to Jews and proselytes to the Jews' religion.(Mark 1:1-5; Acts 13:24)