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What is the most cost effective and reliable co to build a to build a barebone computer that can be configured?

find a reputable computer parts store near you, and ask for advice and parts from them. if they don't work on a commision, they should be willing to walk you through the proce (MORE)

What is a barebones system?

A barebones system is a partially assembled computer one can purchase. It will usually contain the case, power supply, and CPU. It is up to the user to install RAM, hard drive (MORE)

How do you lock a barebones lobby on MW2?

I believe this is a myth. However, some say to skip the first map. Others say to hold x/square. Some say to all appear offline. I say lies! To decrease the chances of oth (MORE)
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Where can one purchase a barebone PC?

One can purchase a barebones PC from a variety of different retailers. The first place to try would be their local computing store. Other retailers include Amazon, or auction (MORE)
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What is meant by a 'barebones' PC?

A barebones PC is one that is is sold partially assembled or unassembled in a kit. This type of PC will contain only the essentials which usually include the chassis, motherb (MORE)
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Where can one find a contact number for Barebone Systems?

A Barebone Computer System is a partially assembled platform or an un-assembled kit of computer parts. They are used by computer manufacturers to allow consumers a more custom (MORE)