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What is a bat?

A bat (animal) is a nocturnal animal that eats thousands ofinsects. The other kind of bat is a baseball bat, which is a metalor wooden (ash, oak, maple) object used to hit a b ( Full Answer )
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Casey at the bat?

Casey at the Bat' is a poem about baseball that was written byErnest Thayer. It is a narrative poem that tells the story of acelebrated baseball player who strikes out during ( Full Answer )
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What does a bat do?

Among mammals, flight is a behavior unique to bats. Two other behaviors, echolocating and hanging upside down, are associated with bats, but not characteristic of them. Not al ( Full Answer )
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What eats a bat?

People sometimes eat bats in some parts of the world. Otherwise, predators of bats would have to be noctural predators such as owls since bats are only active at night. I supp ( Full Answer )
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Do bats eat other bats?

There are two Species of Bats that are known to eat other bats, as part of their regular diets. They are the Spectral Bat, (Vampyrum spectrum). The Spectral Bat ranges from So ( Full Answer )
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What is an at bat?

An at bat is when a player goes up to bat. The at bat ends either when the player is struck out, hits the ball and it is caught, or if they have a base hit.
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What are at bats?

any time that you have a chance to hit the ball being pitched by the pitcher. these are when you get three strikes or tries to hit the ball. this is also the only time that ( Full Answer )
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Are bulldog bats micro bats?

They are actually called mastiff bats. the Mastiff and bulldog canines are related but different breeds.
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Are little brown bats micro bats or mega bats?

Brown bats are not micro or mega at all.They are regular sized bats that are as big as a small diner plate.Little brown bats are small when they are young.The babies are as bi ( Full Answer )
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Do bats hunt with other bats?

Bats do not hunt as a team or a pack, but they often hunt or feed in the same general area, depending on the food source, the availability of the food, and their roosting site ( Full Answer )
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Is a fruit bat a mega bat?

Fruit bats are Megachiropteran bats. You can tell because they have larger eyes, generally larger and more dexterous thumbs and they also do not echolocate.
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What do bats have?

They have special claws to hang when they sleep. They have ears to listen to ultrasound because they can't see.
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What will corking a bat do to the weight of the bat?

corking makes the bat lighter so you can swing it faster therefore generating greater speed at the point of impact with the ball, transferring more speed to the ball as it lea ( Full Answer )
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How does a bat communicate with other bats?

Most species of bats use the same main form of communication, through scent, especially for mating. This is produced from nasal glands that enlarge during mating season, and b ( Full Answer )
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What kind of bat is the ghost bat is it a micro bat?

The Ghost Bat (Macroderma gigas), is a bat in the order "Chiroptera", and they are endemic to Australia. They are named for the fine thin membrane "Patagium" of its wings that ( Full Answer )
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What is batting?

Hay Naku Pangatlong beses na to ha! slmt sa sagot sobrang nakatulong salamat sayo! Da Best Ka! kaya bga nagtatanong d ba? tas ako ung sasagot naku naman!
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What bat is the biggest bat in the world?

The largest bat species is the Giant golden-crowned flying fox, (Acerodon jubatus), Also known as the, Golden-capped fruit bat, a rare fruit bat, that is part of the" Megabat ( Full Answer )
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Which bat is better Triton bat vs exogrid bat?

I have an exo grid and a Triton the exo grid has more pop but the Triton has a bigger sweet spot so u wont pop out as much with the Triton
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Which bat has the most accuracy a wood bat or a metal bat?

Wooden bats have variance in density and grain direction that might affect the course of the ball as well as an overall lower density that would deform more on impact, however ( Full Answer )
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What bats are there?

There are different species of bats. Some bats have furry and thin bodies and some have large and unfurry bodies. There are different bats in different world.You ever kno ( Full Answer )
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What is Bat Mitzvah and Bat Chayil?

Bat Mitzvah - an initiation ceremony for girls in Modern communities that takes place at the age of 12. Bat Mitzvah means Daughter of the Commandment, the ceremony is like th ( Full Answer )
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Which Baseball bat is the better bat?

Choosing a wood baseball bat depends more on the weightdistribution, width and straightness of grains and overall feel. This also depends of your own preference. Most people ( Full Answer )
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How do you get bats in your bat house?

bats like a certain number of conditions for their home, like having it about 14-15 ft off the ground with the opening should facing downward. they also like to crawl in-betwe ( Full Answer )
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Is bat and bat a homophone?

Yes. It is actually it's a homonym Bat: I play baseball Bat: A bat lives in a cave because they hate the dark, that is nottrue
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What is stronger a bat or a bat?

Here are the possible match ups: A baseball bat is stronger than a bat, if swung properly. It is impossible to say if an animal bat is stronger than an animal bat becaus ( Full Answer )
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Is a pallid bat a micro bat or a mega bat?

It is a microbat (Microchiroptera). It eats insects and scorpions. Most megabats eat fruit, nectar, and leaves. Also, megabats live in Africa, Asia, and Australia. Pallid bats ( Full Answer )
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Are vampire bats and bats the same?

No they are not, because vampire bats eat blood and nothing else, and normal bats eat insects-they can eat up to 3000 a day!
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What is the importance of bats?

Bats serve as pollinators of many plants that produce fruit. Bats also provide useful things to make medican help with reaserch that are usually for blind people.
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What is the biggest bat mammal bat?

All bats are mammals, which means the females feed milk from their breasts to their young. The largest bats are fruit bats.
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Where in the bat to oil the bat?

It's anus. But they rarely need to be oiled. If you are oiling a single bat, try to do it outside of the cave so as not to unnecessarily excite the others in the colony.
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What are the bat?

The bat might refer to a small mammal that has wings. This mammalis found in many parts of the world but generally lives in caves ortrees.
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How do bats Bats use Echoes?

The human auditory organs are very highly developed; yet, there areanimals that can hear even better than we can. Notable among theseanimals are bats. They emit high-frequency ( Full Answer )