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How do you twirl a baton?

You can either get classes or you may learn one trick. Make your baton a double sided ice cream scoop, and have two different ice creams. (vanilla and chocolate) and one end g (MORE)
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What is the baton?

a baton i a musical stick a composer uses
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What rhymes with batons?

Chatham . datum . statum . stratum . tatom . splat 'em. . erratum . datum . diatom (a little)
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What is a baton?

A baton is stick that persons use to direct others, such as the conductor's baton directing the orchestra. It is the French word for 'stick'. It can also mean a rod or sceptre (MORE)
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How do you do baton?

First, you need a baton. Now that you have it, look for Baton Lessons.. Soon you will learn it is not how do you do baton, it is how well can you twirl it.. You need Lots of (MORE)
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How do you pronounce baton?

Since the word "baton" has a French origin, you give it a kind of broad "-on" , somewhat like "bat-awn"
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What is an ASP baton?

a asp baton is a piece of equipment used by police officers all around the world . it is a light weight solid steel stick which can be extended at the flick of a wrist type a (MORE)
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How wide is a baton?

Less than an inch.. Length depends on your arm size.
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What is baton pass?

A non-damage dealing move that allows a Pokémon to switch out during that turn. It avoids things such as Confusion, and any move that may prevent it from doing so (e.g. Mea (MORE)
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How do you make a baton?

Wrap red tape around the tube at one end. . Step 2. Wrap a stripe of white tape next to it. Then a stripe of red. . Step 3. Continue alternating colors until you have abou (MORE)
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What are batons in the roof?

there are no batons in the roof. there are battens: A narrow strip of wood applied to cover a joint along the edges of two parallel boards in the same plane. a similar (MORE)
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Who uses batons?

Police and Law Enforcment Conductors of orchestras ,bands ,or choral groups. Baton is just French for stick.
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Where to get a baton?

You can buy a baton in any shop who sell twirling items, online you can order at who sell Starline twirling batons or a good music store
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What a baton is?

A baton is the black club (stick) , police truncheon used for self-defense/physical beating. In an orchestra, the conductor uses it to lead his musicians. A short stick/re (MORE)
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What is a synonym for baton?

"Baton" is a word with several different usages - I will restrict my answer to it's use in music, as in "The conductor led the orchestra with his baton". To musicians everywhe (MORE)
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Where could you get a baton?

There are stores that sell to law enforcement security, but you need training and a card to legally buy one.
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Why are batons cylinder?

Originally, batons were flat, with very sharp edges. Whenconductors started bleeding all over their musical scores, it wasdecided to round these sharp edges and eventually the (MORE)