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Why are batterers that way?

Answer . Abusive individuals (can be man/woman) usually they have learned this behavior in their family environment. There are perhaps abusive parents (generally the fath (MORE)
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What does a counselor ask a battered woman?

A councellor doesn't ask, a councellor listens!. If they ask for help in moving away from their abuser, phone numbers and addresses of womens refuges would be handy to have, (MORE)
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What does battered mean?

Generally it is used to refer to something that has been beaten and bashed about, retaining its usefulness but no longer in good condition. With respect to battered women, (MORE)
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What is batters interference?

Batter's interference is when the batter interferes with thecatcher's ability to throw and catch a ball that is in play. Anexample of this is if the batter were to obstruct th (MORE)
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How many batters are in a baseball lineup?

9. In the National League, all position players will receive a turnto bat. In the American League, the pitcher traditionally doesn'tbat and in his spot in the lineup, a design (MORE)
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Diagram of batters box with dimensions?

A diagram of the MLB batter's box can be found in the official MLB rule book. On-line, the rules are at and yo (MORE)
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Were do Wii batteres go in a Wii?

If you are talking about the CMOS battery, there should be able to unscrew a very visible screw on the bottom of the wii. There is also a screw under the grip in the same area (MORE)
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What is the size of a batters-box in softball?

3' wide x 7' long is the outside of the chalk lines which count as part of the inside of the batter box. 6" from the edge of home plate (white part not black.) of the 7', 3' (MORE)
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What is the code for the battered hilt?

If you are looking for a cheat code for [The Battered Hilt], there is none. There are no cheat codes in World of Warcraft. [The Battered Hilt] is a drop from mobs in ICC in (MORE)
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Where did the battering ram originate?

The battering ram appeared in the western world in the roman empire. In the eastern world china was the first nation to acquire the weapon.
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What is battering woman?

Assaulting her with an object, (this includes hitting , kicking, ect) or you are covering her in egg and rolling her in flour.
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How was the battering ram built?

There were many constructions in the past. Generally, battering rams were heavy 8to impart as much energy to that which was being battered as possible), they had to have a res (MORE)
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What is Batters on a castle?

A section at the base of a castle wall that is angled in such a manner to make dropped stones bounce away from the curtain wall and into the enemy. The batters also add streng (MORE)
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Why do batters caroud?

They caroud due to a chemical reaction called "Zagglydupoop" when encountering A rare form of penis juice.
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What rhymes with battering?

anything ending with ing (of which there are many). If you can rhyme the atter bit also that's better, such as flattering or something accordingly