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Why do men batter?

Answer . There are various reasons, but the most common is a man (or woman) can be brought up in an abusive family and learn the habits of abuse be it verbal or physical o ( Full Answer )
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Why are batterers that way?

Answer . Abusive individuals (can be man/woman) usually they have learned this behavior in their family environment. There are perhaps abusive parents (generally the fath ( Full Answer )
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What is tempura batter?

Tempura is a Japanese method of preparing food. Meats, vegetables, and/or seafood are coated and fried in batter until golden. This style of cooking was brought to the Island ( Full Answer )
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What is in pancake batter?

Pancake batter is the mix created from various ingredients. This batter is then poored into pan and cooked until solid. Batter is the base ingredient of any pancake. The thing ( Full Answer )
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Meaning of batter is?

The batter is the player who has a bat in his hands and tries to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher.
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What does battered mean?

Generally it is used to refer to something that has been beaten and bashed about, retaining its usefulness but no longer in good condition. With respect to battered women, ( Full Answer )
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What is batters interference?

Batter's interference is when the batter interferes with thecatcher's ability to throw and catch a ball that is in play. Anexample of this is if the batter were to obstruct th ( Full Answer )
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How can a rounders batter be out?

by being stomped out when he/she is in the middle of a post or when she hits the ball and a fielder catches it without bouncing !
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How does a batter get called out?

This is pretty complicated so try to follow.... 1.)They get three called strikes. 2.)They are tagged out. 3.) They throw the bat. 4.)They use an illegal bat for the legue ( Full Answer )
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Who was the best batter?

my opinion is hank aaron because he hit 744 homeruns without steriods exept barry bonds
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When a batter bats out of order who is out the impropper batter or the the right batter?

the proper batter. Let's say batter 2 is supposed to be up but batter 3 bats instead. If the defensive team calls attention to the fact before he finishes his at bat - the bat ( Full Answer )
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How do you make batter?

There are countless different recipes for different types of batter. Generally speaking, batter contains flour, salt, oil and liquid. It may also contain sugar, eggs and some ( Full Answer )
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What is batter cake?

I think you mean "cake batter". And it is the wet mix of all of the combined ingredients that will then be poured into a cake pan to be baked.
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What is drop batter?

Drop batter is batter of such consistency as to drop from a bowl or spoon without running usu. made in a proportion of two parts flour to one part liquid.
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What is a batter doughnut?

A batter doughnut is a great way to use up extra bread crumbs and eggs. Combine eggs bread crumbs and a little sugar roll into a ball and flatten slightly. the either pan fry ( Full Answer )
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Can a batter get out after a walk?

Yes, the ball is live, so there are several ways the batter-runner could be called out after a walk. One would be if he goes from the batter's box into the dugout; another wou ( Full Answer )
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What is injin batter?

Perhaps you are referring to the game Indian Ball, which is a type of baseball game invented in the St. Louis area adapted to accommodate less than the number of players requi ( Full Answer )
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What happens to the batter?

The "batter" becomes a "runner" if he is walked, hit by a pitch or puts the ball in play. He becomes dejected if he strikes out, fouls out or is ejected from the game.
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How can a batter in rounders get out?

In rounders (a similar ball game to baseball) the ways a batter may 'get out'are 1) a direct catch. 2) if base is tagged before reaching it. 3) for not dropping the bat befor ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a batter out?

There are several ways to get a batter out. 1. They strike out swinging. 2. They strike out looking. (they don't swing, but the ball is in the strike zone) 3. They bunt ( Full Answer )
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What is batter in cooking?

A batter is a mixture of cooking ingredients used to coat food like fish to make it more crispy and look and taste better
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What is battering woman?

Assaulting her with an object, (this includes hitting , kicking, ect) or you are covering her in egg and rolling her in flour.
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How do you spell batter?

The spelling "batter" can be to pummel, or a mix for a cake, or a hitter in baseball. The similar word is better (improved, superior).
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What is a batter in baseball?

A batter is a player who is standing at home plate (on offense) attempting to hit the balls, with a bat, being pitched to him so he can get a hit and score runs against the op ( Full Answer )
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How do you get an eggshell out of batter?

umm really (no offense) but really!?!?!?! u take it out with your hands but first wash ur hands and then you can take it out
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How much time does a batter have to get into a batters box?

He is supposed to make his way from the On-Deck Circle to thebatter's box immediately after the last play has ended. The timelimit is based upon the Umpire's sole decision. He ( Full Answer )
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Does a batter have to check in?

I'm not absolutely sure I understand your question, but if you're asking if the batter has to do some kind of action so the umpire knows that he's playing, no. The manager giv ( Full Answer )
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What is Batters on a castle?

A section at the base of a castle wall that is angled in such a manner to make dropped stones bounce away from the curtain wall and into the enemy. The batters also add streng ( Full Answer )
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Why do batters caroud?

They caroud due to a chemical reaction called "Zagglydupoop" when encountering A rare form of penis juice.
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Is batter a verb?

Batter, as in "to hit someone constantly" or "to make battered fish" is a verb. Batter as in the ingredient used in foods is a noun. A verb is a word that describes an acti ( Full Answer )
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What can a batter not do?

In the game of baseball the batter is the player who is at bat. There are many rules that the batter must follow. One of the most important rules is that the batter cannot lea ( Full Answer )
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What direction does the batter face when in the batters box?

The batter faces towards home plate, with their feet just further than shoulder width apart. If the batter is right handed, they will stand to the left of the plate, looking o ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with battering?

anything ending with ing (of which there are many). If you can rhyme the atter bit also that's better, such as flattering or something accordingly
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How can you define batter?

a semiliquid mixture of flour, egg, and milk or water used incooking, especially for making cakes or for coating food beforefrying.