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Battery not charging?

battery tests good, alternator tests good, new voltage regulatorinstalled and still no charge to battery from altanator .
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How can I charge the battery in a Treo 600?

Answer . It needs to be in the phone & the correct charger must be connected to the connector at the base. Mains or car charger will do.
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How do you charge batteries?

You can rub the tips of the batteries together for 5 min and they will work for 15 more min. I would like to tell you 3 tips about chargering your battery 1\ Your new laptop ( Full Answer )
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What do you charge a lawn mower battery?

Not sure if the question is what to charge the battery with or how to charge the battery. So, I will address both: A regular battery charger can be used. IF you are going to p ( Full Answer )
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How do you charge a battery without electricity?

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What keeps draining the charge out of your battery?

Apart form normal use of the battery, it is possible that the battery is getting old. Most types of rechargeable battery become less able to hold a charge as they age or may i ( Full Answer )
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Can a battery charge a battery?

Sure, as long as the voltage of the charging battery is higher than the voltage of the battery to be charged. Be warned though, if batteries are too dissimilar they can be dam ( Full Answer )
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Can you charge a battery by freezing the battery?

No. Freezing a battery will damage it. have you tested it? The worst environment for any battery is COLD. That is why there are so many problems with car batteries in ( Full Answer )
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Can you charge an ATV battery with a car battery?

I am assuming you mean with the auto engine running. Yes, that is possible but you are putting a strain on the alternator of the car. An alternator is not designed to charge a ( Full Answer )
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When is your battery charged?

When using battery cables to start a car, once it has started is there a procedure when removing the cables from the running car?
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Charge the definition of the charge of battery?

The official charge of a battery is measured by the specific gravity of the electrolyte.. For a good battery and alternator, full charge is noted when the alternator output c ( Full Answer )
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How does a battery charger charge a battery?

In order to understand how a battery charger charges a battery,let's touch on some basics and then crush the question with ananswer. A battery is basically a storage device t ( Full Answer )
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Why won't your battery stay charged?

Defective alternator, dead cell in battery, something on pulling power from the battery when the vehicle is idle, corroded battery cable connections, or loose alternator drive ( Full Answer )
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If the battery is dead will the alternator charge it?

Once the car is started if the alternator is working it will charge the battery, but the battery may not take the charge or may not hold it. Batteries don't last forever. Ther ( Full Answer )
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Why is a 1994 Taurus not charging the battery?

Battery cables corroded, alternator is defective, or the battery has a dead cell and needs replacing. Check the voltage at the battery with the engine running. It should be 13 ( Full Answer )
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Battery does not hold charge why xt600e?

The battery might be bad, or your alternator might also be bad. Use a battery load tester or digital voltmeter to see if your alternator is charging the battery? The voltage s ( Full Answer )
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Can you charge a lawnmower battery with your car?

Most lawnmower batteries will be badly abused by this and it will be quite expensive in gasoline. A lawnmower battery will normally take 8 hrs (or so) to charge. Forcing them ( Full Answer )
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How do you charge a AAA battery?

If it's a regular Duracell or Energizer battery, it's not recommended you charge them. Having said that, you could try using a NiCad charger, but DO NOT leave it unattended. I ( Full Answer )
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Can you charge battery still on car?

Yes, it is charged all the time on the car by the alternator. Just hook the battery charger up and charge it. Just make sure to connect the cable correctly. Additional answer ( Full Answer )
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How do you charge dry charge battery?

Unless it is a rechargeable battery you cannot charge a dry charge battery. If it is rechargeable you need to purchase a charger for that size battery. Automobile batteries ar ( Full Answer )
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How do you charge a battery on a softail?

Your best bet is to take it to a competent center that has the ability to charge the battery for you. Most auto parts stores can do this. Tell them you want a slow charge, as ( Full Answer )
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Can you charge an optima battery?

Yes you can. I run three yellow tops in my show truck ( I need them to power 16 12" pioneer premier subs) and there is a trick you wont find in the website. If it is just a li ( Full Answer )
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Can you charge battery with a battery booster?

of course, you can do it. Sometimes, when the car battery is dead, we will use the battery booster to connect another car battery to charge it. This process needs a cable. Be ( Full Answer )
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Why does the battery not charge?

Corroded or loose battery connections, loose alternator drive belt, defective alternator, or dead cell in the battery.
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How do you charge a motorcycle battery with a car battery?

You must get a couple of so-called jumper cables. The cables havestrong clamps on them and are designed to be clamped to the batteryterminals. Attach the black cable to the ne ( Full Answer )
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What do you have to do to charge the battery?

If the battery is a dry cell, then you simply plug it into theproper charger. - If it is a wet cell, as in a car battery, then first you checkthe liquid level in cells and if ( Full Answer )