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What is in a battery?

Lead plates are often found inside the battery. A liquid formulaconsisting of water and acid helps the plates create energy.
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What is in batteries?

Battery Component Materials Since this question is in the car battery section, I have to assume you mean automotive batteries. Auto batteries contain : . Lead for the t ( Full Answer )
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What is battery?

assault on a person battery is the intentional touching of - or use of force to touch -another in an offensive or injurious manner. Some of the states aswell as the Model Pena ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a battery?

You take copper(like a penny), Zinc (like a Nail). Then u stick them in a potato and touch either the negative or positive end to either one and it should power what ever you ( Full Answer )
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What does a battery do?

It stores electrical energy charge which then provides power to thecircuit. Electricity is the stream of electrons through aconductive way like a wire. This way is known as a ( Full Answer )
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What does a battery have in it?

That depends on the type of battery. Some common combination: Zinc Chloride and carbon Lead and hydrochloric acid Lithium and polymer(varies)
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What kind of battery is good battery?

It really depends, but I do know good brands of batteries. Here are some... . Duracell . Ravoc (only the rechargable kinds) I hope that helps!
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Potato battery or lemon battery?

You can make a battery out of both a lemon or a potato - if you want to see how just do a net search on "potato battery" or lemon battery. In science we have been conducting ( Full Answer )
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Can a battery charge a battery?

Sure, as long as the voltage of the charging battery is higher than the voltage of the battery to be charged. Be warned though, if batteries are too dissimilar they can be dam ( Full Answer )
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Battery light is on and my battery is full?

the light is bad. Or it can be the alternator is defective. If it is, your battery will go dead if you continue to drive the vehicle. Have the charging system checked at any ( Full Answer )
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Can you charge a battery by freezing the battery?

No. Freezing a battery will damage it. have you tested it? The worst environment for any battery is COLD. That is why there are so many problems with car batteries in ( Full Answer )
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How do you put the batteries in the battery charger?

what kind of batteries do you have?? if the mobile phone's battery, just put in your phone. If it's car battery, just connect the red cable to positive, black cable to negat ( Full Answer )
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A dry battery and a wet battery and ...?

To put simply a "dry" battery is one that does not have anyelectrolyte (acid)... as such a dry charged battery is one in whichthe plate/cells of the battery are fully charged ( Full Answer )
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Which battery has the shortest battery life?

Which of the following types of batteries has the shortest battery life ? A. nickel metal-hydride (NiMH) B. nickel cadmium (NiCD) C. nickel-lithium (Ni-Li) D. lithium-ion (L ( Full Answer )
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Is an AAA battery an rechargeable battery?

There are rechargeable AA batteries that are sold. One should NOT attempt to charge regular AA batteries. This can result in the batteries leaking or exploding. Charging re ( Full Answer )
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How does a battery charger charge a battery?

In order to understand how a battery charger charges a battery,let's touch on some basics and then crush the question with ananswer. A battery is basically a storage device t ( Full Answer )
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Can a battery charger overcharge a battery?

Yes because it will have more charge because it has been there for a very long time A battery charger can overcharge a battery. Because now many battery chargers are used con ( Full Answer )
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What brands of batteries are chemical batteries?

Chemical battery: handset lithium battery electric car battery flashlight dry Physical battery: calculators the solar cells
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What is ideal battery?

Attributes of a perfect battery: 1. Boundless vitality. 2. Consistent voltage yield. 3. Zero interior impedance.
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Which battery is better cell battery or lithium battery?

well your question is kind of awkward. a lithium battery is a cell battery, so i will outline all types of batteries and you can pick which you meant. Lithium Ion/ Lithium ( Full Answer )
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How do you rejuvenate battery acid in a battery?

Well you really cant just make sure that your acid doesnt all dry out inside of a battery if it all doesn then battery wont hold charge and if you top it off after its already ( Full Answer )
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Where can you by batteries?

you can buy batteries at almost any store, such as Walmart, Radioshack, Walgreens, Domincks, leoch battery etc.
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Can you make a battery out of a battery?

well... chemically not unless you ripped it apart. however, if you want to customize your amperage or voltage, theres no need to go through all that work. there are systems ( Full Answer )
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Are Werker batteries sold by Batteries Plus good batteries?

Absolutely, the werker battery is an exceptional brand of battery. I use werker batteries in a variety of my projects, which include back up power systems, portable 12 volt ci ( Full Answer )
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Why is a battery known as an alkaline battery?

Alkaline batteries are named for their highly alkaline electrolytesolution which is potassium hydroxide (aka caustic potash, aka"traditional" lye) mixed with water. Lead-Acid ( Full Answer )
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Why is car battery called a battery?

Its called a battery because it is a group of cells. In the case of a conventional lead-acid battery each cell produces about 2 volts. To obtain 12 volts, 6 of these cells mus ( Full Answer )
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Can you charge battery with a battery booster?

of course, you can do it. Sometimes, when the car battery is dead, we will use the battery booster to connect another car battery to charge it. This process needs a cable. Be ( Full Answer )
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Are lithium batteries the best batteries?

The lithium battery tends to have a longer-life, which makes it a good choice for critical devices. This battery could be well used in a clock or remote control. It might outl ( Full Answer )
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What battery is a watch battery?

It depends on what kind of watch it is. If you want to know what one looks like, go on google images and search "button cell".
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What is the use of battery acid in battery?

It's function is to provide a 'path' for electrons to flow between the positive and negative terminals. Without the acid, the plates attached to the terminals would simply be ( Full Answer )
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Is battery the same as domestic battery?

No, Battery is not the same as Domestic Battery. Battery is the unlawful touching or another person. Domestic Battery is the unlawful touching of a family member, spouce, boyf ( Full Answer )
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Is an interstate battery a good battery?

For what it's worth, they seem too be a little bit too cheap (imo)and none of the auto stores carry them- a red flag for me. I thinkthey may be recycling. I considered one at ( Full Answer )