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Who is hatty the batty?

There is no hatty the batty...Unless you mean Bathilda Bagshot who Reeter Skeeter referred to as Batty Bathilda or something like that
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What does batty mean?

Batty can mean crazy, and the Jamaican way is when a boy is called batty boy/man they are being called gay
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What rhymes with batty?

I am a blatty you will be a poty i will tell you bloody fool
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What is batti bandh?

The concept of ' batti bandh ' (lights out) is to create awareness among us to control global warming
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Why was the medieval church so batty?

I used to go to a medieval church in England, and I think I know the answer to this. Most medieval churches worked the same way. High up above the church's nave, above where (MORE)
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Who did Zayn's Batty?

On a dark cold night in St. A Zayn went for a walk to purchase a packet of Viagra so that he could finish off Iqbal. Along his journey however he bumped into a lad by the name (MORE)
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Is Simon really batty?

No, Simon is infact the Christ like figure in Lord of the Flies. He has the ability to "see the future" and is more quiet and solemn compared to the other boys. The boys think (MORE)
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Why is darius such a batty?

Darius is such a batty because he spends most of his time playing around on the Xbox and not enough time getting some pum pum hahaha
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What does going batty mean?

It means going crazy. See the related question for a definition ofthe full expression, which is "bats in your belfrey."
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When was Emery Battis born?

Emery Battis was born on May 30, 1915, in Arlington, Massachusetts, USA.
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When was Archibald Batty born?

Archibald Batty was born on November 6, 1887, in North Mymms, England, UK.
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When did Archibald Batty die?

Archibald Batty died on November 24, 1961, in Budleigh, Salterton, England, UK.