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What is the ironclad battleship?

Wooden warships with iron bolted on top of them. However, during the 1904 Russo-Japanese War, Russian sailors often referred to their steel battleships as "ironclads."
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What was the ironclad battleship?

Wooden warships plated with iron. In 1883 the US Navy began construction of all steel battleships (not wood plated with metal). However the name "ironclad" stuck by some of th ( Full Answer )
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Why are battleships obsolete?

Battleships are obsolete because of the use of missles. In today's navy, any vessel can be fitted with cruise missles capable of sending accurate strikes at long distances.. ( Full Answer )
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What is the displacement of a battleship?

The four Russian Borodino class battleships during the battle of Tsushima in 1905 displaced about 15,000 tons fully loaded..
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How long is a battleship?

The early (pre-WWI) battleships were around 400 - 450 feet long. The largest WWII-era battleships were nearly 900 feet long.
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Who sunk your battleship?

Torpedo boats ultimately sank the battleship Prince Suvorov, flag ship of the Russian Navy at Tsushima in 1905.
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What is a battleship?

A battleship is a type of warship armed with heavy guns, and with metal armor since the late 1800's. The navies of the world dispensed with the battleship after World War 2 in ( Full Answer )
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What is the length of a battleship?

The "Prince Suvorov", a Borodino class pre-dreadnaught battleship, and the flagship of the Russian battle fleet at the battle of Tsushima in 1905, was 397 feet long.
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What is the difference of a destoyer battleship and cruiser battleship?

There are three different types of warship. Battleships are In the USN named after states, are heavily armed(l6 Inch cannons) and armored, Cruisers are or were named after cit ( Full Answer )
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What are the Parts of a battleships?

Battleships are just like normal warships such as cruisers or destroyers (not aircraft carriers or submarines).. The "ONLY" difference is GUN & ARMOR. Take away the guns and ( Full Answer )
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Who invented battleship?

Battleships have been in use since the 1500's, but the British Admiral Jackie Fisher was responsible for HMS Dreadnought, launched in 1905 and considered to be the first moder ( Full Answer )
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Size of a battleship?

During history's only decisive steel battleship fleet action (Tsushima 1905) the Russian Battleships of the Borodino class were 397 feet long and mounted four 12" guns in two ( Full Answer )
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When were battleships made?

The USN commenced building STEEL BATTLESHIPs in about 1883...a program entitled the "all steel navy."
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What were battleships made of?

Perhaps next time it would be smarter to state the era you are looking for. The earliest ships were made out of (a lot of) wood and nails, and as time progressed the ships wou ( Full Answer )
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What do battleships carry?

Basically, a battleship is typified by large guns, and thick armor since the late 1800's. In World War 1 battleships also carried torpedoes and a variety of smaller guns, but ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find battleship?

There's 3 US battleships at Pearl harbor; two sunk and one afloat: USS Arizona & USS Utah, and the USS Missouri.
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What are the type of battleship?

1. Pre-Dreadnaught 12" gunned Russian Battleships at the Battle of Tsushima in 1905.. 2. Dreadnaught 12"/13"/14" gunned US/British Battleships WWI.. 3. Fast Battleships Iowa ( Full Answer )
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How Many battleships were in the area know as Battleship row?

6 or 7, depending if you count the USS California, which was moored on the same side of Ford Island, but was in a different location. The 6 other ships that were moored toget ( Full Answer )
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What British battleship was sunk when it faced the German battleship Bismarck?

HMS Hood. HMS Hood was a battlecruiser and was not intended to engage a battleship especially one such as Bismarck which was at that time the biggest battleship afloat along w ( Full Answer )
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What are the weapons on a battleship?

The Russian flagship at the Battle of Tsushima (1905), the battleship Prince Suvorov (kniaz Suvorov) mounted four 12" guns; twelve 6" guns; and twenty 76mm guns.
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How do you get freelancer battleships?

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How do you play battleship?

In order to play Battleship you have to place a few ships (At least five ships) over a Grid that would says letters and number around the grid. The opponent does the same thin ( Full Answer )
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How did the battleship get its name?

Originally called "Ships of the Battleline"; then shortened to "Ships of the line", then shortened to Battleships. Meaning, the warship was designed to be fighting on the "Bat ( Full Answer )
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What is the strongest battleship in the Iowa class?

All four sisters are about equal; but the USS New Jersey might be a little more worn out than the other three; USS Iowa, Wisconsin, and Missouri. The USS New Jersey is the on ( Full Answer )
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Was there a British battleship named Romney?

No. There was an HMS Rodney, a battleship named for a great British Admiral of the 1700s. There was an HMS Romney, but it was a minesweeper, a small auxiliary craft.
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Is there a battleship Oklahoma?

You can probably say that it still exists. Because she still rests on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and California. Sunk during the Pearl Harbor attack, she w ( Full Answer )
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Why does the us not have battleships?

Because an aircraft carrier can destroy a battleship. Carriers began destroying battleships in WWII. Prior to WWII, the battleships ruled the seas; after 10 December 1941, air ( Full Answer )
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When did battleships come out?

Modern steel battleships, as people know them today came out in the 1880s. The only true modern steel battleship fleet sea battle took place on 27 May 1905 in the Tsushima Str ( Full Answer )
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What are the disadvantages of the battleship?

After the advent of the Aircraft Carrier, battleships became the most costly of targets: 1. The loss of the most men, since they carried the most men 2. The loss of the most ( Full Answer )
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What are the disadvantages of battleships?

Prior to the aircraft carrier, which replaced battleships the disadvantages were: 1. Cost, extremely expensive, more expensive than any other machine or building on earth 2. ( Full Answer )
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What is the fastest battleship?

The US fast battleships of the Iowa class (Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, and the USS New Jersey). Of which the USS New Jersey has the distinction of being the only Vietnam Vetera ( Full Answer )
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Battleships are larger?

Discounting carriers and patrol boats & subs. Largest to smallest: Battleship, Cruiser, Destroyer. But, they did evolve also; a Russian battleship from the Russo-Japanese Wa ( Full Answer )
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What were battleships made for?

To fight a decisive fleet action from the battle-line. It only happened once with steel battleships, at Tsushima in 1905 (never before, nor never since).
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What was battleship Maine?

The Maine was a U.S. Battleship that blew up in Havana harbor. Mostof the U.S. newspapers at the time blamed the explosion on theSpanish, who controlled Cuba at the time. The ( Full Answer )