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What is the difference between a bavarois and a Charlotte?

Answer . bavarois is an egg custard that has whipped cream folded in. Then it becomes bavarian cream which is the filling fo a charlotte royal or charlotte russe.
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What is the classification of a bavarois?

Bavarios is a French name for Bavarian creme. It is in theclassification of creme's and desert like food items. It is adelicate creme dessert.
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What is the classification of bavarois?

Bavarios is the French term for creme. Bavarios is a cold dessertmade up of cream, gelatin, fruit pure and custard.
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What is five similarities and five differences between mousse and bavarois?

Similarities: 1. Both are set creams 2. Both are aerated. 3. Both are set with gelatine. 4. Both can be served as main component of a dessert. 5. Differences: 1 ( Full Answer )