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How do you identify a bayonet?

Most bayonets have two things in common, a ring (circle) on the handle at the base of the blade (it fits over the barrel) and a latch of clip that fastens to the bayonet stud ( Full Answer )
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What was the Hawaiian Bayonet Constitution of 1887?

It was the forced signing of a Constitution that actually effected who could vote. (That's what changed from 1846 to the 1887 Constitution.) The King still had his powers but ( Full Answer )
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What is a bayonet shutter?

Sorry, but you are incorrect about its existence. A bayonet shutter is a device found on a microscope camera body. These cameras use a special bayonet mount to attach to an "e ( Full Answer )
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What is the origin of bayonet?

Answer . Early warfare was conducted with spears and pikes. The introduction of firearms gave the soldiers a projectile weapon of great strength. However the early weapons ( Full Answer )
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Where did the bayonet originate?

I would guess that it orignated in the revolutionary war, though it might be able to be traced back to England or France too, considering the fact that it sounds foreign.. Th ( Full Answer )
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Who invented the bayonet?

Don't know who, but it is named after the place called Bayonne in France. Originally it simply plugged into the end of the barrel of the weapon, having fired its shot it effec ( Full Answer )
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What is the origin of the word bayonet?

It is believed to have been named after the French city of Bayonne, which specialized in the production of cutlery, and where the bayonet may have been invented.
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What is a bayonet clip?

A jumper wire termination type used in electronics testing. Normal used in a Break Out Box (BOB) to connect a test point to another point connection. It is a alligator clip on ( Full Answer )
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What is a bayonet?

A bayonet is an edged weapon which is attached to the muzzle of a firearm. Early bayonets were shaped like long spikes and were important in the massed charges of the pre napo ( Full Answer )
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What is a bayonet and what was it used for?

It was a knife which attached to the end of your gun (generally rifles) it was used for: a) Stabbing people b) Putting cheese on the end in the trenches and then, when a r ( Full Answer )
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What does bayoneted mean?

"Bayoneted" is a verb form of the noun "Bayonet". Bayonet is a knife that fits on the end of a rifle that allows you to use it in close combat.. Verb Form: A soldier bayonets ( Full Answer )
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What are the disadvantages of bayonets?

While very helpful in close combat, the bayonet can throw of the weight and sights of a gun, and is only used as a last resort. It can only be used when the enemy is close, so ( Full Answer )
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When was the bayonet made?

Bayonets were made before there were muskets- it was a metal blade on the end of a wooden shaft- and was known as a pike. Early firearms were single shot- after firing that sh ( Full Answer )
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What is the purpose of a bayonet?

To kill.. Yes, originally once a musket was fired the Bayonet was plugged into the end of the barrel, the muzzle, converting it into a spear or pike. When the musket became r ( Full Answer )
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What are bayonet wounds?

A bayonet wound occures usually when an opposing combatant attaches a bayonet to his firearm and stabs you with it... a bayonet is a knife like device that can be attached to ( Full Answer )
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Where are bayonets illegal?

Anywhere where the bayonet's blade is longer than the length that is set by state statute.
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What were bayonets used for?

Bayonets can be used in several ways: . As a knife or a small sword for self defense or attacks . As a utility knife or tool . To turn a rifle into a thrusting spear T ( Full Answer )
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Can you put the word bayonets in a sentence?

A bayonet is a sharp dagger-like weapon that can be attached to arifle. This is an example sentence: My uncle had an impressivecollection of old rifles and bayonets.
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What is the definition of Bayonets?

Bayonets are edged weapons, like knives, which can be affixed to rifles or similar firearms. They were invented in the 17th Century as a replacement for pikes (spearlike weapo ( Full Answer )
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What is a Japanese bayonet koishikawa worth?

well coming from an aspiring knife maker,I say that asuming it in one piece and the handle is still there,also asuming it just belonged to a sentry not a general,it would be w ( Full Answer )
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What rifle is M5 bayonet for?

The M5 fits only the M-1 Garand and does not interchange with any other firearms. Source: Wikipedia M5 bayonet.
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How do you get the bayonet in bfbc2?

"it sopposely is sopposed to be available to veterans on a future patch or something." You cant. they never added it tho they said they would. and now bf3 is coming out there ( Full Answer )
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Who was the bayonet named after?

it was named after the Bayonne in France (where the weapon was first made or used);
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What would be better a bayonet or a rifle?

A bayonet is intended to be mounted ON a rifle. If bayonets alone were more effective than rifles, armies would not have been buying rifles for the past 400 years.
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What is a bayonet and what is it used for?

A bayonet is a small knife - which can be fixed (by its handle) to the end of the barrel of a rifle - so the soldier still has an effective weapon if he runs out of bullets.
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Can you use a bayonet like a machete?

you could try but it wouldn't work very well because a bayonet is designed for thrusting or stabbing and a machete for slashing
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Why was the south under bayonet rule?

Because the Confederate States was conquered militarily by the US government and occupied by US troops for many years to insure the policies of the Federal government were enf ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between banzai and bayonet?

"Banzai" is a Japanese battle cry that translates "ten thousand years!". Bayonet is a heavy knife with an attachment to mount it to the end of a rifle.
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What is a 1917 label bayonet worth?

around $350.00 depending on length and handle ( aluminum or bronze) and condition of scabbard
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What did marines use as a bayonet in Vietnam?

Both the USA & USMC used the M14 & M16 rifle in South Vietnam. Both the M14 & M16 rifles utilized the same bayonet, both bayonets were simply modified differently from each ot ( Full Answer )
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Where was the bayonet created?

The name bayonet derives from the French city of Bayonne, where it is said it was created to give better fighting power to the fusiliers, when engaged in melée against th ( Full Answer )
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Why cant you sharpen a a military bayonet?

Most bayonets are little more than a steel bar disguised as a knife. The angel of the bevels are generally far to obtuse for a fine edge. The hardness of the steel is often lo ( Full Answer )