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How do you identify a bayonet?

Most bayonets have two things in common, a ring (circle) on the handle at the base of the blade (it fits over the barrel) and a latch of clip that fastens to the bayonet stud (MORE)
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What is a bayonet shutter?

Sorry, but you are incorrect about its existence. A bayonet shutter is a device found on a microscope camera body. These cameras use a special bayonet mount to attach to an "e (MORE)
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What is the origin of bayonet?

Answer . Early warfare was conducted with spears and pikes. The introduction of firearms gave the soldiers a projectile weapon of great strength. However the early weapons (MORE)
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Where did the bayonet originate?

I would guess that it orignated in the revolutionary war, though it might be able to be traced back to England or France too, considering the fact that it sounds foreign.. Th (MORE)
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What is bayonets?

Bayonets are sword like objects that I believe are used in javelin
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Who invented the bayonet?

Don't know who, but it is named after the place called Bayonne in France. Originally it simply plugged into the end of the barrel of the weapon, having fired its shot it effec (MORE)
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What is a bayonet clip?

A jumper wire termination type used in electronics testing. Normal used in a Break Out Box (BOB) to connect a test point to another point connection. It is a alligator clip on (MORE)
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What is a bayonet?

A bayonet is an edged weapon which is attached to the muzzle of a firearm. Early bayonets were shaped like long spikes and were important in the massed charges of the pre napo (MORE)
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Who made the bayonet?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of ALL markings and measurements.
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What is a bayonet and what was it used for?

It was a knife which attached to the end of your gun (generally rifles) it was used for: a) Stabbing people b) Putting cheese on the end in the trenches and then, when a r (MORE)
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What does bayoneted mean?

"Bayoneted" is a verb form of the noun "Bayonet". Bayonet is a knife that fits on the end of a rifle that allows you to use it in close combat.. Verb Form: A soldier bayonets (MORE)
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What rhymes with bayonet?

baked ...or oh try this website it has A TON!!!!.
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When was the bayonet made?

Bayonets were made before there were muskets- it was a metal blade on the end of a wooden shaft- and was known as a pike. Early firearms were single shot- after firing that sh (MORE)
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What is bayonete?

A knife or spike attached to the muzzle end of a rifle.
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What is the definition of Bayonets?

Bayonets are edged weapons, like knives, which can be affixed to rifles or similar firearms. They were invented in the 17th Century as a replacement for pikes (spearlike weapo (MORE)
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How do you get the bayonet in bfbc2?

"it sopposely is sopposed to be available to veterans on a future patch or something." You cant. they never added it tho they said they would. and now bf3 is coming out there (MORE)
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What is a bayonet and what is it used for?

A bayonet is a small knife - which can be fixed (by its handle) to the end of the barrel of a rifle - so the soldier still has an effective weapon if he runs out of bullets.
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Where was the bayonet created?

The name bayonet derives from the French city of Bayonne, where it is said it was created to give better fighting power to the fusiliers, when engaged in melée against th (MORE)