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What is the best finish for a BBQ table?

bbq table finish . First, always use a very hard wood like maple for the table. Never use treated wood for food prep or a picnic table!! The best finish for chopping blocks ( Full Answer )
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Which state has the best BBQ?

When you say barbecue, it generally means grilling or an act of slow-cooking food in pits over indirect heat, using burning charcoal or wood as the primary heat source. Tex ( Full Answer )
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Which country is most famous for BBQ?

Barbeques form an important part in the social lives of Australians. It ideally suits the nation's favorable climate and laid-back approach to life.
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What does bbq or BBQ mean?

BBQ stands for Barbecue or Bar-Be-Que: It means cooking over a open fire or grill, usually outdoors in the summertime. In the Southern US, it's called "'cuein", as in "When y ( Full Answer )
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Where was BBQ invented?

There is controversy here. BBQ is claimed to originate in the USA, and when spoken of there it is considered an art form. Claims of discovery are widespread the world over. ( Full Answer )
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How do you purge a propane bbq grill?

Turn off all burners. Turn off propane tank. Disconnect propane tank. Turn all the gas burners on for a minute or so. Turn of burners. Reconnect the propane. Turn on the tank. ( Full Answer )
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How do you bbq ribs?

After you prep your ribs, make up your own bbq sauce using your own, or someone Else's, you smother your ribs with it, stick it in the oven for a while, season it, and vwala! ( Full Answer )
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Can you convert a propane bbq to a natural gas bbq?

Natural gas and propane are crompressed at different pressures so the require differnt orifices for burners to meter the gas. There are some logistical problems, natural gas t ( Full Answer )
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What do you need for a bbq?

lighter fluid, charcoal, meats (hotdogs, bratswurst, hamburger beef), buns, lettuce, tomato, condiments,. lighter fluid, charcoal, meats (hotdogs, bratswurst, hamburger beef) ( Full Answer )
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How long can you store pork bbq?

You can store this for 1 year if you freeze it. It will only last for about 5 days if stored in the refrigerator. These lengths are correct if the meat has been cooked.
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What is a good dessert to compliment BBQ?

One of my favorites is grilled fruit! You can take rings of pineapple and grill them, getting some nice grill marks on it. The grilling brings out the sweetness of the frui ( Full Answer )
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How Smokey does a BBQ smoker get?

It depends on how much wood you use and how you set your exhaust vents. It can get very smokey if you close the vents and add a bunch of wood chips/chunks
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Is there meat in BBQ sauce?

Generally, no. However, you can buy meat premixed with BBQ sauce for preparing quick meals.
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How long do you BBQ a 4lb chicken on charcoal BBQ?

I use a beer can chicken stand that you can get at Home Depot. Wash chicken, pat dry apply a rub of your choice inside and out! (I just rub the chicken with my hands with Oliv ( Full Answer )
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When was the BBQ invented?

1995 I'm a little vague on the specifics, but if my memmory serves me correctly the B.B.Q. is aborrowed term from one or two similar sounding Spanish words sounding similar ( Full Answer )
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What to wear to a BBQ?

It would be most likly if you are a woman then wear a dress,a girl a dress with flowers,men any colored T-shirt and some jeans or shorts,boys any thing but a stripped shirt an ( Full Answer )
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What BBQ recipe is best for ribs?

This can be cooked on the grill but is much better in the oven. This is my father-in-law's most favorite recipe in the whole wide world! I use seasoned salt instead of the spi ( Full Answer )
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What does bbq mean?

Barbecue (BBQ) is a method and apparatus for cooking meat, poultry, and occasionally fish with the hot smoke of a fire, smoking wood, compressed wood pellets, or hot coals of ( Full Answer )
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Can you use charcoal in a gas BBQ?

you can but it will ruin the gas grill and could cause an explosion if there is any gas introduced into the grill. Go buy a Weber Grill
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Where did bbqs originate?

No one knows the exact origin of the barbecue, nor who invented it. The Taino Indian have the word "barbacoa", for "meat smoking apparatus" and the French have "Barbe a queue" ( Full Answer )
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Where can you bbq in Edinburgh?

The main area of public open space is 'The Meadows', just to the south of the city centre about 15 minutes walk from the train station and Princes Street. You can have BBQs he ( Full Answer )
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What are some amazing bbq recipes?

Hi There I have a site/blog which is devoted to helping future grill masters. There are several recipes and one outstanding sauce recipe's. Http:// The Jerky Gu ( Full Answer )
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Is BBQ chicken wings good for you?

its just protein. and bbq sauce. its not good for you but i assume its better than mcdonalds. i dont know for sure. i just thought you could use a response lol.
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How do you light a BBQ?

Are we talking gas, charcoal, wood, or what? For gas you need to make sure the burners are off, and either the propane tank or natural gas valve are on. Make sure the grill li ( Full Answer )
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What is the name of BBQ rods?

Shiscabobs. That's shishkabobs. It could also be the "spit" if you mean the slowly turning rod you cook a whole chicken or roast on.
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What to cook on a BBQ?

Quartered white onions, whole garlic cloves, steak fries (thick-sliced potatoes), whole corn (still in husk), pork, chicken, fish, and beef. And don't forget the marshmallows, ( Full Answer )
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What can you recommend for a good BBQ?

For a great BBQ, you need burgers, (i tend to buy them from Morrison's or M&S) kebabs, chicken, Chinese style pork ribs, salads, ( the green sort and other salads like colesla ( Full Answer )
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How do you cook a BBQ?

First i wash the meat then put some oil on it mixed up with garlic add some salt on it, then put some lemon then heat on the first side then the same thing on the other side f ( Full Answer )
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Why are Australian BBQs different to other BBQs?

Australian barbeques are no different to anyone else's. The word barbeque is originally of Spanish/Mexican origin which spread to USA and so on. The idea of cooking outside is ( Full Answer )
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What does bbq rhyme with?

I love you. Boo. Do. Goo. Lu. Moo. New. Meuw. Poo. Quew. Roux. Due Sue to too two woo view vu zoo
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Can BBQ chicken re-heated?

Yes, though over heating will make it rubbery and unappetizing. It would be much better added to a homemade chicken pizza or a salad. You could even make a quesadilla made wit ( Full Answer )
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Are you allowed to BBQ on the beach?

In England it depends on the local authority that is in control of the beach to decide if BBQ's are allowed or not. You have not said in which country or where you wish to ho ( Full Answer )
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What is the most popular bbq food?

The most popular BBQ foods in order of popularity, according to global sales in BBQ seasons: . Burgers . Sausages / Hot dogs . Chicken . Kebabs / Skewers . Ribs . Corn ( Full Answer )