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What does BBS stand for?

BBS is a specially processed, unemulsified shortening used in numerous general baking applications such as pound cakes, pie doughs, cookies and donuts. BBS provides consistenc ( Full Answer )
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What are the Bb instruments?

Answer . Here are some transposing instruments that are usually pitched in B-flat. Keep in mind that some of these are also available in other pitches. trumpet and corne ( Full Answer )
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What does bb stand for?

It can mean a lot of things, here are some: Baby, Bed And Breakfast, Bye Bye & Big Brother. There are loads but it mostly just means baby if someone says it to u in a chat roo ( Full Answer )
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What is 'BB' stand for in BB Gun?

ball-bearing i thought it was a size comparision. there a b and bbb sized balls. BB guns shoot small BBS that are normally .177 caliber (4.5mm). a bb is a ball bearing that ( Full Answer )
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What is the density of a BB?

BB's are not all made of the same materials. Some of the best are nearly pure copper. The density of copper is 8,920 kg/m 3 . Your instructor probably has some BB's and lab eq ( Full Answer )
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What does bb mean?

When somebody says "Ilu bb!" Or something along the lines of that, they usually are just taking out syllables. So, When someone says bb like that, they usually mean ( Full Answer )
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What is a BB code?

BBCode is an abbreviation for Bulletin Board Code, the lightweight language used to format posts in many message boards.
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Where can you get a BB gun?

In the United States a BB gun can be purchased at most sporting goods stores, large department stores, or specialized air gun retailers. Things may be different elsewhere. ( Full Answer )
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What is BB-62?

The BB-62 is a battleship (hence the BB) that was used for WW II. It is the longest battleship made in the world!!! (By 4 in.) I waz on it and it rox!!! It is now open for tou ( Full Answer )
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What is bb repeater?

It's a BB gun that you do not have to open up and reload or cock each time you want to shoot a BB. Each time the gun fires a new BB automatically reloads.
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What is bb?

bb means bye bye or boy boy. Or maybe someone would say bb rocks!! which stands for B reaking B enjamin. update: "bb" stands for "bullet ball" which is a projectile s ( Full Answer )
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What are BBS?

\nBBs are the ammunition used in BB guns. They are tiny, lead shot projectiles in the shape of a sphere. The name BB comes from the size of the ammunition, which is usually .1 ( Full Answer )
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What does bb stand for in bb king?

the BB in BB king's name stands for Blues Boy. His real name is Riley
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Who are BB and the Armadillo?

BB and the Armadillo are a slapstick-esque comedy from Youtube, created by BBSMan22 (Unknown for sure, but says his name is Matt Davids). The show is poorly animated in Flash, ( Full Answer )
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What is BB pin?

A bb pin is the code tht u put in to add another person or give for thm to add you I hope this helps;)
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What is the volume of a BB?

It depends on the size of the BB. A standard BB gun shoots a .177 caliber ball. The diameter is 0.177 inches. The formula for volume of a sphere is 4/3 * pi * radius^3 .177 is ( Full Answer )
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What is a violin Bb?

deppends what string but commonly it is the "low 1" on the a string or, the "low 2" on the G string or the "low 4" on the e string depending on where you want to play it.
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How do you put bb in a bb gun?

It all depends on the model. Which one are you asking about? Their are over 50 different model BB guns
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How can you get bbs on farmerama?

Here is a nice guide on how you can obtain Barnyard bills in Farmerama.
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What can you do with a BB gun?

BB guns can be used to learn the basics of marksmanship, and the safe handling of guns. They have been used by the US military to teach "point" shooting, and can be used in pl ( Full Answer )
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What in a bb billlit?

Do you mean Bullet? Is usually made from Copper, lead, steel or other inert materials.
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How you fix a bb gun if no bbs come out?

You have do be more specific about the problem. The battery power might not be reaching the gearbox, the hop-up might not be aligned properly, or the spring in the mag could h ( Full Answer )
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Why are trumpets in Bb?

All trumpets aren't B-flat. However, B-flat trumpets are B-flat because the lowest open note is a concert B-Flat.
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What is a Bb for trumpet?

A Bb for trumpet is a C, open, because the trumpet isn't already in concert pitch it needs to be transposed 2 steps up. Like a F for many other instruments would be a G, open, ( Full Answer )
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How old to purchase bbs for a bb gun?

First of all you need to state where you live. The law is different, depending on the country where you live. Are you asking about metal BB's or airsoft BB's?
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Does BB x Bb is a heterozygous or homozygous?

A heterozygote means different-joined a homozygote means same-joined so lets look at this cross. (parent genotype are Bold and italics ) ---B----b B | BB | ( Full Answer )
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Is Bb recessive?

No only bb is recessive, Bb is heterozygous meaning the subject is a carrier of the recessive trait but exhibits the traits of a dominant carries (BB) good luck on the bio
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Where to by a bb gun?

The best place is a sporting goods store or on the web. Web places like pyramyd air or airguns of Arizona is the best places for variety.
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What does a bb a mean?

A bb (as in a bb gun) is a small plastic pellet fired out of a gun (sometimes known as airsoft guns)
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What is a BBS system?

Bulletin Board System. In the earliest days of computers being available for use in the home, about 1980, a method of multiple people sharing computer data and accessing messa ( Full Answer )
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What does BB cream do?

BB cream is a type of make up. It lights up your skin. It could also slightly change you face colour.
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Who regulates BB?

The regulations for BB depend on what the meaning of BB is. Some common words that have BB as an acronym are Bed and Breakfast, basketball, big brother, Bugs Bunny, and big b ( Full Answer )
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What caliber is a BB?

Typically BBs are .177 caliber. BB stains for ball bearing, which can be ANY size, those popularfor shooting are 177.