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Why did feudalism begin?

because people didn't have any land so they went to the nearest land owner and asked if they can live off his land he would say yes but you must give him half your food monthl ( Full Answer )
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How did the planets begin?

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When did imperialism begin?

It began in the late 1800's throughout the early 1900's until it led to WWI
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Why did the NFL begin?

George S. Halas and nine other team representatives wereresponsible for creating the American Professional FootballAssociation. The members changed the official name to the NF ( Full Answer )
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How did the Holacaust begin?

Many Germans blamed the Jews for Germany's defeat in World War I, some even claiming that German Jews had betrayed the nation during the war. In addition, at the end of the wa ( Full Answer )
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Where why how and when cricket begin?

Origin of Cricket . Cricket's origin is obscure. Evidence suggests it was played in England in the 12th-13th cent., and it was popular there by the end of the 17th cent. By t ( Full Answer )
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Beginning of the constitution?

PREAMBLE . We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote ( Full Answer )
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What begins with A?

airplane . America . ant . Angel . ape . aerosol . animal . and . alligator . anteater . AND Many MORE...
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Why did it begin?

The Beginning of the Green Revolution The University of Minnesota College of Ag, Food and Environemental Sciences After 10 years of wheat breeding, Borlaug had plants that ( Full Answer )
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When do you begin a sentence with What and when do you begin a sentence with Which?

Starting a question with What or Which can be a bit tricky, but one of the basic rules or guidelines willhave to do with the content of the question. The word What can ( Full Answer )
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How did the crusade begin?

The Crusades began when Pope Urban II called for them in 1095 to recapture the holy land (Jerusalem, Palestine at the time) from Muslim control. (Of course there were other re ( Full Answer )
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Items beginning with A?

aardvark . abacus . academy . accordion . acorn . acreage . adult . advertisement . agenda . airplane . airport . aisle . alley . alligator . alpaca . altar . ( Full Answer )
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When did ballet begins and where?

The first forms of ballet started during the Renaissance period. King Louis of France first 'invented' ballet to entertain him. It was performed to him by his court members. ( Full Answer )
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Why did pentecost begin?

It began at the time after the ascension of Jesus into heaven.It happened 10 days after the ascension.It begin here because Jesus promised his apostles and disciples that the ( Full Answer )
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What do you do in the beginning of hockey?

five players from each team position on either side of the centre circle and a referee drops the puck in the middle starting the game
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How did rastafarianism begin?

It Began in Ethiopia with Prince Haile Sellasie I, also known as prince tafari. He was believed by many to be the second coming of Christ. This was proven wrong upon his death ( Full Answer )
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When and where did kayaking begin?

Kayaks have been around since long before the colonization of North America and South America by European settlers. Native American peoples used kayaks as methods of transport ( Full Answer )
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What is a job beginning with you?

· Ultrasound Technologist · Umbrella Maker · Umpire · Under Secretary · Undercoater · Undercover Agent · Underground Mine Safety Engineer · Un ( Full Answer )
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What book begins with an a?

Anne of Green Gables - Lucy Maude Montgomery . Angela's Airplane - Robert Munsch (children's book) . Andrew's Loose Tooth - Robert Munsch (children's book) . The Amber Spyg ( Full Answer )
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How did rodeo begin?

repressed coyboys would rate their ability to wrangle wild horses. lusty competition between farm hands would later become a professional 'sport'. many gay rights groups consi ( Full Answer )
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What story begins with in the beginning?

Fairy Tales. Also, the creation story and first verse in the bible. Genisis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
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When did history begin?

Historians consider the period before the invention of writing to be 'pre-history' because they can only infer information from artefacts, dwellings, food scraps and the like. ( Full Answer )
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How do earthqaukes begin?

earthqaukes begin when the tactonic plates push agents each other then snaps and thats what creates a earthqauke
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How does cyberbullying begin?

ppl just start sayin mean things...making fun of each other When some one say something bad about you.
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How did the heartless begin?

Well, Ansem the wise had three apprentices,Lenzo,Xehornt,and Even. Xehornt suggested a lab for the apprentices to work,so Xehornt made the heartless and Lenzo,Xehornt and Even ( Full Answer )
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When did the zapatista's begin?

On January 1, 1994, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation issued their First Declaration and Revolutionary Laws. Since then they have been in a state of war against the Me ( Full Answer )
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What is the beginning of anything?

If you're looking for the Beginning of time , look in the very firsts couple of chapters of Genesis in The Bible.
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What does the beginning of the constitution begin with?

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general ( Full Answer )
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How did life begin in the beginning of life?

In the beginning, the universe was created. Life was very beautiful. Now we are faced with a universe so big and so old that it defies our imaginations to grasp it. It appea ( Full Answer )
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How does the beginning of The Phantom of the Opera begin?

The 2004 version (movie), begins in black and white (parts that are black and white is the present, the colored parts of the movie are memories of Roaul, the movie is not all ( Full Answer )
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What begins with 'I'?

· ibex · ibis · ice · iceberg · icebox · icicle · icing · icon · idea · identification · identity · idiot · ( Full Answer )
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How the beginnings of the Jews begin?

To understand the beginnings of the Jews, you would have to turn to history and the Torah/Bible. While man descended from Adam and Eve, it wasn't until after the great flood, ( Full Answer )