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Who invented pav bhaji?

It appears that Pav bhaji came from a food vendor serving the textile mill workers in Mumbai India. The mill workers were not given enough time for a full meal at lunch times ( Full Answer )
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What is the onion bhajis sauce called?

Maybe i eat different bhajis to you, but my onion bhajis are dry, perhaps with a bit of ghee at the bottom.
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How many calories in an onion bhaji?

Avoid onion bhajis -- each deep fried ball contains around 190kcals and 16g of fat! according to menshealth...
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Which religion is onion bhaji from?

Food does not regularly come from a religion. The onion Bhaji orginates from the India area geographically.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Bhaji on the Beach - 1993?

The cast of Bhaji on the Beach - 1993 includes: Lalita Ahmed as Asha Shad Ali as Raman Steve Burgland as Nightclub dancer Chila Burman as Prithi Peter Cellier as Ambrose Waddi ( Full Answer )