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What is the BIR Performance Driving School?

The BIR Performance Driving School is located in Brainerd Minnesota. BIR PDS teaches performance driving techniques on real track conditions in high performance vehicles as w (MORE)
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What are the function of BIR?

The powers and duties of the Bureau of Internal Revenue are: . Assessment and collection of all internal revenue taxes, fees and charges; and . enforcement of all forfeiture (MORE)
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Where is the Bir Gotra Temple located?

Bir gotra of mair rajput ,called sunnar in Punjab. Actually ,they from maiwar (raj). Now Bir Gotra Jathere Mandir at vpo Karyam, Bahara road,Nawanshehar (new name Shahid Bhaga (MORE)
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Where is the location of BIR Pasig Ortigas?

BIR is the Bureau of Internal Revenue in the Philippines. It hastwo district offices. The BIR for East Pasig is located at theRudgen Bldg. Shaw Blvd. Brgy. San Antonio, Pasig (MORE)