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What is the prefix of bizarre?

Bizarre' in fact has no prefix, although a quick glance suggeststhat it can be etymologically divided into 'bi' and 'zarre.'Instead, however, it entered into English from Fren ( Full Answer )
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What are some bizarre Bible stories?

Look at chapter one of Ezekiel, or sample the old Folk song..(and Ezekiel saw a WHEEL! way up up in the middle of the air, And Ezekiel saw a WHEEELL way up..Yes, Biblical U.f. ( Full Answer )
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How do eBay bizarre auctions work?

In the same way that any auction works on the site. You place your bid, other members generally bid against you and the highest bidder when the auction ends is the winner a ( Full Answer )
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Who is in cinema bizarre?

Strify (Jack Strify) - singer Yu Pheonix- guitar Kiro (Carsten Schaefer) - bass Shin (Marchel Gothow)- drums Romeo (Rom3o Nightingale)- keyboard
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What is the definition of bizarre?

Fantastic, violently contrasting . Conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual to be crazy and/or insane
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Is Luminor of Cinema Bizarre gay?

Luminor is actually gay. But all of them in cinema bizarre is Bi except Luminor.
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How can you use bizarre in a sentence?

I went to the Bazaar today and it was the most bizarre bazaar I've ever been to. Afterward, I went to the biz-zar get a biz-eer or two. They were playing "HOW BIZARRE" over th ( Full Answer )
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How tall is Kiro from Cinema Bizarre?

Kiro is 5'4". He's the shortest member in the band, with Strify (the second shorted) being four inches taller than him at 5'8"
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What bizarre facts are there about bears?

They aren't as cuddly as they look. They are deeply offended by the concept of bearskin rugs. Poop doesn't stick to their fur. Bears do, in fact, love GOLDEN CRISPS!!! ( Full Answer )
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Can you write a sentence with bazaar and bizarre?

Yes. Example: "The bazaar was a surreal experience for the mall-accustomed tourists, made all the more bizarre by the fact that there were things for sale that they had never ( Full Answer )
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What is a bizarre prom story?

one that is substantially unusual by normal standards thus rendering it bizarre. This is really a silly question.
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Where did cinema bizarre meet?

Strify, Yu, and Kiro met at an anime convention.. They found Shin and Luminor via internet.. When Luminor had to leave, Yu's close friend Romeo took his place.
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Why are dreams so bizarre?

One of the reasons that dreams can seem a bit strange is because most of our dreams come from the thoughts that we never really thought about that day. For example if i were t ( Full Answer )
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When did bizarre die?

It dies when it is needed to die (they die 1 minute after they are borned)
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Which is a negative connotation unique or bizarre?

Bizarre can be the negative connotation. If we say something is bizarre we saying that it is out of the normal. And in most cases we believe that things that are not normal ar ( Full Answer )
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Another word meaning bizarre?

bugged out, camp *, comical, curious, eccentric, extraordinary, fantastic, far-out, freakish, grody, grotesque, kooky, ludicrous, odd, oddball, off the wall, offbeat, outland ( Full Answer )
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Who sang how bizarre?

"How Bizarre" is the debut single of New Zealand musical group OMC. OMC stands for 'Otara Millionaire's Club' (Otara being the suburb of South Auckland where they come from) a ( Full Answer )
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Bizarre in a sentence?

It was a very bizarre turn of events when we found out that Luke was actually a Russian spy here on a mission to kill us all. And we thought he was our friend! :( lol. Ther ( Full Answer )
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What are some bizarre facts about Shakespeare?

Shakespeare had 6 testicles Shakespeare was actually Illiterate Shakespeare spelled his name multiple ways Shakespeare was an avid collector of medieval adult literat ( Full Answer )
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Do Cinema Bizarre Have Twitters?

Yes, they do. Their usernames are as follows: Yu - @gogumba Romeo - @Heromancer Kiro - @CarstenSchaefer Shin - @MarcelGothow Strify - @jackestrify
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How old is yu from cinema bizarre?

HE is 22 I think he was born December 29th 1988 (I think :$) lol
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Is bizarre a noun?

No bizarre is not a noun. A noun is a person place or thing. Bizarre is an adjective. An adjective is a word used to describe a noun.
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What happened to cinema bizarre?

Strify clearly stated in an interview (in french) saying that Cinema Bizarre will no longer be together, due to the fact that they want to start a new beginning (solo). All th ( Full Answer )
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Are bizarre laws true?

It entirely depends on the source some are but online you can never be sure.
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What is Bizarre group of companies?

Bizarre group of Companies is a well planned industry in India. Now Bizarre doing retail Business.
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Is Lady Gaga bizarre or what?

No, she is a normal New York girl who enjoys getting hot dogs from street vendors and going to baseball games. She also loves high fashion and haute couture, which sometimes c ( Full Answer )
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Can marijuana cause bizarre behavior?

Yea......if you smoke to much of it you can kill yourself or jump off a ledge and break a few bones
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What country does the word bizarre come from?

There is an old French word 'biazrre' meaning odd or fantastic which may have derived from a Basque word, 'bizar' meaning a beard, taken from Spanish bearded soldiers who were ( Full Answer )