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What is a blown seal?

Answer . On rear wheel drive engines, the oil pan at the bottom of the engine does not completely connect to the block. It has to make room for the crankshaft at the front ( Full Answer )
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What causes a blown head gasket?

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What is a blown vein?

A blown vein can be caused by a needle insertion into the vein. Sometimes it can be caused by trauma to the vein without actually puncturing it. If I were to insert a needle i ( Full Answer )
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What is the cause of a blown fuse?

The purpose of a fuse is to restrict amperage traveling through an electrical circuit to a specified value. It does this by inserting itself into the circuit and running the c ( Full Answer )
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What are the signs of a blown ring seal?

Blue smoke out the tailpipe--lots of it. If its a blown ring seal, then the oil is being "blown" into the air cleaner, burned up and out the exhaust. Also, the engine oil leve ( Full Answer )
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Why was the USMaine blown up?

It was not "Blown Up", it....Blew Up One of the Steam engines Blew, but they didnt find out for many years later but the Spanish had something to do with it.
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How is glass blown?

Glassblowing ..... There a few types of glassblowing Free or Mold blowing. There is normally 3 different heaters or furnaces. the furnace, the glory hole, and lehr. Your heat ( Full Answer )
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What is blown?

In racing or in car guy terms, it means the engine is equipped with Blower/Super Charger.
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What do you do with a blown amplifier?

depends what part is blown. most likely the ouput transistors. in that case, just get them replaced. if it keeps happening, get them replaced with heavier duty transistors.
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Blown in insulation?

Blown in insulation is also known as cellulose insulation. Thistype of insulation is used to educe noise and minimize heat loss.It is made from plant fiber.
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What do you do with a blown speaker?

If it is a rather expensive one, you can see if it would be cheaper to re-cone it than replace it. If not, you can remove the magnet from it and discard the rest.
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A blown pupil usually refers to a pupil that is completely dilated and no longer responding to light. A blown pupil (also called 'fixed and dilated') is when one or both of ( Full Answer )
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How do you get blown by a girl?

If you mean a blow-job, the same way you get it from a guy. All a blow job is, is a fancy modern name for a person sucking a man's penis.
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What is a blown motor?

most often blown meaning supercharged - air being forced into the engine by a belt driven device..look on for a bunch of info. or it could also be referring ( Full Answer )
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What is a blown head?

First-A head gasket is located in between the piston cylinder head and the engine block, inside a car engine. Now a blown head is a blown head gasket. It causes the engine t ( Full Answer )
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Why is the shofar blown?

The shofar is blown because the Torah commands it (Leviticus 23:24; Talmud, Rosh Hashanah 33b-34a). Rosh Hashanah is the first two days of the month of Tishrei, and is the ( Full Answer )
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Is blown a onomatopoeia?

No, a word must sound like the action or thing it describes to be an onomatopoeia.
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What can be blown up?

Telamon from ROBLOX, fuel, aerosels, cars, your head, ps3's, the next door neighbor's cat etc etc
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Use blown in a sentence?

. The porch furniture was blown clear off the porch; the two swings that hung from the porch ceiling of the porch were scattered more than 100 yards away into the vegetable g ( Full Answer )
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What causes a head gasket to be blown?

Overheating of the engine, usually, which may be caused by lack of coolant flow due to a bad thermostat or bad water pump, or the wrong coolant type.
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What is a Full blown bear market?

Well, its a very nice question but it requires a bit more explanation to explain it to a layman therefore, I will suggest you to visit the following link to know what a "Full ( Full Answer )
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How can you tell if your amp is blown?

It no longer works. Some people have said that you should check the fuse that should be protecting the amp from damage next.
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Was a shofar ever blown after a victory?

The Israelites heard the shofar blown at the beginning of war, not at the end. It was an announcement of commencement, either of a fight, a ceremony, or a meeting. In moder ( Full Answer )
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In which places horn should not be blown?

A car horn Should not be blown when there are people cycling on main roads. car garages, Ring roads as this will teter people from using the roads safely.
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Can you survive being blown up?

A person can survive all kinds of explosions, but if you are blown up, there is no one left to survive.
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Has your skirt blown off?

Not so much blown off, but blown up. I had two full bags of shopping and it had been totally calm when I came out of my house but the wind was really rising. Before I knew it, ( Full Answer )
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Why does a paper float when it is blown?

Although the question is vague, i can only think that you mean why paper floats in the breeze. This is simply because the amount of surface area for the paper has a large rati ( Full Answer )
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What are blown seals in a car?

"Blown seals" are seals that are either worn out or have become stiff and now leak the fluid they are supposed to control.
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Is it dangerous to drive with a blown exhaust?

Sure it is dangerous. Carbon Monoxide can seep into the vehicle while you are driving and cause you to fall asleep. Not a good thing driving down the road.
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How will you know if you have a blown head gasket?

Loss of coolant with no apparent leak, engine overheating, oil level overfull, white smoke from the exhaust especially at start-up that smells sweet, a white/grey foamy substa ( Full Answer )
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How do you check for a blown intake gasket?

Look for leaking antifreeze/coolant. Usually you can see it leaking around the top of the engine. Also check your oil, if it looks milky it has been mixed with coolant and you ( Full Answer )
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Is blown a verb?

No. Blown is an adjective. A verb would be blow . As in "to blow". Or blew as in "he blew". A verb is a word that describes an action ( run, walk, etc ), a state of being ( Full Answer )