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What do bras do?

something that girls use. that is all you need to know help their boobs to fight against gravity.!
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Why do women were bras?

Ok this is a stupid question. The reason they wear bras is. Say like if I were a girl and I went to the store and I didn't wear a bra. my nipples will poke through my shirt (MORE)
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Are bras comfortable?

Yes they are very comfortable if you wear the appropriate size
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Why wear bras?

for support and less jiggling. If girls dont where bras there boobs get saggy and when they grow up they'll have sags.
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Why are bras called bras?

It is a abbreviation of 'brassiere', which comes from the French word brassière, which refers to a baby's vest (undershirt) or lifebelt, underbodice or harness. The word (MORE)
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How do you wash bras?

you wash bras llike any other clothing. in hot water with detergent. but the way you dry them is different. when your drying some clothes you can put your bra on top of the dr (MORE)
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Why do girls where bras?

so there boobs get support adn they dont jiggle and so no one can see ur nipples through ur shirt.
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What are the sizes for bras?

The cup size of a bra is determined by letters. Ex. A, B, C, D. and the length of the strap that hooks around the body is determined by higher numbers (every two) Ex. 32, 34, (MORE)
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Men and bras?

\nhawt and gay at the same time...
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Where can you find bras?

you can find bra's in Victoria's secret they have awesome ones, or Target.
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Where can you get padded bras?

Victoria Secret (but only if you're willing to pay a lot of moneyfor them). They are less expensive at stores such as Target or even Macy's,which have better quality than K-Ma (MORE)
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What size bras are there?

Typically A-D are the standard sizes, but there can be higher than D, such as DD and even up to an F. Anything above D is hard to find, and normally must be ordered. They also (MORE)
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What are open bras?

if you mean open cup bras they are a type of bra Im not sure what they are made for but I think they are supposed to make your boobs look bigger and they hold them up but they (MORE)
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Why are bras worn?

Bras are worn to support the breasts. Athletic bras are worn tohelp minimize breast movement while biking, running, or playingsports.
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Where can you buy bras?

At a underwear store like pink dont worry other editor no answer
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Who made bras?

The First Bra was patented in 1914 by Mary Phelps-Jacobs under the name Caresse Crosby .
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When do you get bras?

we get bras when we get enlarged breasts and we wear bras to prevent it fro
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Why are bras big?

Bras come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. With that being saidbig boy ;-) , here are some facts for you : . Bra sizes start with size "A" and stop at "H". A being thesmalle (MORE)
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Why are there bras?

a bra is to help cover your breasts and to keep boys away from touching your breasts.
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What is the value of bras?

Anywhere from $5 up to the Heavenly Star bra from Victoria'sSecret, valued as $US 12.5 million, and which holds the title ofworld's most expensive bra according to the Guinnes (MORE)
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Why do bras have letters?

They have letters because not all women's breasts are the samesize. The letter is the symbol of the size of the bra. It startswith A and ends with H. :-)