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What is Robert Baden-Powell famous for?

Baden-Powell is famous for creating the worldwide boy scout movement. The first boy scout camp was in July 1907. In 1908, the scouting association was in full stride and in 19 (MORE)
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Was Robert Baden-Powell rich?

No. He came from a family with a modest income and his father died when he was young. When he became an officer in the army, he had to buy his own horses, uniforms and equipme (MORE)
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When was Robert Baden-Powell born?

Robert Baden-Powell (Robert Stephenson Smyth Powell) was born on February 22, 1857 in Paddington, London, England.
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How do you pronounce Baden?

Robert Baden-Powell wrote a short verse on how to pronounce his name: Man, Nation, Maiden Please call it Baden. Further, for Powell Rhyme it with Noel .
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In what war did baden Powell serve?

Powell served in the British Army from 1876 until 1910 in India and Africa. during that time he served in the following wars: Anglo-Ashanti Wars, Second Matabele War, Sie (MORE)
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What is Olave Baden-Powell's birthday?

Olave St. Clair Baden-Powell was born Olave St Clair Soames in Chesterfield, England on February 22, 1889.
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How did Robert Baden-Powell die?

NATURAL DEATH, Baden-Powell died on 8 January 1941 and is buried in Nyeri, in St. Peter's Cemetery.
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Where is caracalla terme baden baden?

The Caracallatherme is located at the Römerplatz at the end of Gernsbacherstrasse close to the city centre.
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Why was Robert baden - Powell famous?

Mr Powell will be remembered as the founder, guiding light, and continuing inspiration of one of the worlds largest recognized and beloved organization: The Boy Scouts. Unif (MORE)
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What did Robert Baden Powell do in the army?

He joined the 13th hussars in India with the rank of lieutenant. He enhanced and honed his military scouting skills amidst the Zulu in the early 1880s in the Natal Province (MORE)
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Where was Robert Baden-Powell born?

Robert Baden-Powell was born at 6 Stanhope Street (now 11 Stanhope Terrace), Paddington in London, England.
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Was there a German coin with Von baden on it?

The German state of Baden issued countless coins (over several hundred years) with its ruler on it - for example the 5 Mark coin (KM#274) of 1902 with "FRIEDRICH GROßHERZOG (MORE)
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What regiment was Robert baden Powell in?

The regiment that Baden-Powell jointed in 1876 was the 13th Hussars. They had previously been known as the 13th Light Dragoons and were a cavalry regiment of the British Ar (MORE)
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Who was Robert Baden-Powell's son?

Arthur Robert Peter Baden-Powell (better known as Peter Baden-Powell) was Robert Baden-Powell's only son, born October 30, 1913. Upon the death of the first Lord Baron Baden-P (MORE)
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How Did Robert Baden Powell Die?

Baden-Powell died at tge age of 83 in Kenya and was buried there. No cause of death was specified, presumably because a this age "natural causes" was assumed.
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Who were Robert Baden-Powell's children?

B-P had three children: . Arthur Robert Peter (Peter), later 2nd Baron Baden-Powell (1913-1962). He married Carine Crause-Boardman in 1936, and had three children: Robert C (MORE)
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What Scout group was Baden-Powell in?

Category:Scouting As founder and Chief Scout, B-P was never in a regular Scout group. As the founder of Wood Badge, he was a member of the 1st Gilwell Scout Group.
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How old is Prince Maximilian of Baden?

Prince Maximilian of Baden was born on July 10, 1867 and died on November 6, 1929. Prince Maximilian of Baden would have been 62 years old at the time of death or 148 years ol (MORE)
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Was Baden Baden a concentration camp?

Baden-baden was not a concentration camp during World War 2. It wasan internment camp and I know that American Foreign Service membersand staff, stranded in Europe when the US (MORE)
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Who were Baden Powell's siblings?

The man we know today as Lord Robert Baden-Powell ("BP"), the founder of the world scouting movement, was born Robert Stephenson Smyth Powell but his family called him Stephe (MORE)
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Was Baden Powell a Freemason?

No, although he seems to have been favourable to the organization. Many aspects of Scouting resemble Freemasony.
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How long is the flight from NYC to Baden Baden?

The flight time for flights between the above places is 7 hours 35 mins This is an approximate travel time (calculated in ideal conditions. The travel speed is 500 mph and 30 (MORE)
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What is Baden Powell most known for?

Baden Powell (Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden Powell) also known as First Baron Baden-Powell was in the British Army, who served as a Lieutenant-General. He is known as the writ (MORE)
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Where is the Baden-Baden Casino?

The Baden-Baden Casino is located in Germany. You can find information on the hotel by going to various travel sites. You might want to check out Kayak, Hotels, Expedia and (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Treffpunkt Baden-Baden - 1964?

The cast of Treffpunkt Baden-Baden - 1964 includes: Belina as Herself - Singer Luisillo as Himself - Dancer Josephine Baker as Herself - Singer Siegfried Behrend as Himself - (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Skandal in Baden-Baden - 1929?

The cast of Skandal in Baden-Baden - 1929 includes: Lili Alexandra as Fernande Besson Rudolf Biebrach as Juwelier Hess Brigitte Helm as Vera Kersten Albert Karchow as Makler U (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Baden-Badener Roulette - 1968?

The cast of Baden-Badener Roulette - 1968 includes: Guido Baumann as Host Katja Ebstein as herself Dieter Hallervorden Mungo Jerry as Singer Daliah Lavi as herself Karl Lieffe (MORE)
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What has the author Christian Baden written?

Christian Baden has written: 'Arbeitsmarktsegmentation im technologischen Wandel' -- subject(s): Labor market, Labor supply, Market segmentation, Effect of technological inn (MORE)
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What has the author Kay Baden written?

Kay Baden has written: 'Vergleichende Unternehmensbeurteilungen und Aktienkurse' -- subject(s): Business enterprises, Prices, Stocks, Valuation