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Where is the Bama Breeze Bar?

The Song Bama Breeze is written about a Bar that is located on the Florida and Alabama State line that goes by the name Flora Bama. In 2004, Hurricane Ivan destroyed the land (MORE)
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What does Bama mean?

Bama is the latin root for scuba diving without equipment. ...also is short for Alabama... like the bar and song Bama Breeze ..meaning Alabama Breeze

How old is braco bama?

The correct spelling Barack Obama. Barack Obama was born on August4th, 1961. As of February 2015, Barack Obama is 53 years old.

Where in Florida is the Bama Breeze Bar?

I read one answer that the Bama Breeze (which is what I understood was correct) is the Flora-Bama bar which is on the Fl AL line on the Gulf of Mexico just outside of Orange B (MORE)
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Who are Ronnie and the boys in Bama Breeze?

The song is referring to Ronnie Van Zant, the lead singer and songwriter of Lynyrd Skynyrd (famous for the song "Free Bird", among many others) and the members of his band and (MORE)
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How do you get to Bama Breeze Bar?

It is in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Take Hwy 59 to County Rd. 20 and follow the signs. Best to mapquest Lulu's Resturant in Gulf Shores to get the accurate directions!
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Who owns Bama products?

My jar of BAMA Apple Butter in the fridge says it was distributed by BAMA Foods, Inc and gives a Birmingham PO Box.
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Will the hogs beat bama?

Well, the hogs first need to do better on defense. Then I think they should just a little bit, then I think they will win!
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What is baraco bama address?

Please remember, Barack Obama, our president, lives in the White House. If that's what you mean....
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Where can you find bama apple butter?

well, bama apple butter is not very common among the u.s.a. although, if u certainly must have it, u may be able to find it at your local dairy or farm. some substitutions for (MORE)