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How do you get faith in God?

Question nothing Answer: Many people are not blind followers of God, but people who question everything. It's still possible for these people to define faith for thems (MORE)
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How does prayer help you get closer to God?

When you pray, God listens. He may not always respond, but always remember that he hears you. If you don't pray, he will still see you, but it won't help you get in to heaven. (MORE)
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What will help you grow closer to god?

Going to church whenever you have time... Devotionals really help with everything whether it be for teens , adults or small children they can help with boys , sex , drugs, any (MORE)
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Why does worship help Muslims to feel closer to God and others?

Worshipping in Islam includes many deeds, let us take the daily 5 prayers alone as an example: Every day a Muslim has to pray to Allah 5 times, during each prayer he mentio (MORE)
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How is God faithful?

God is faithfull to those who believe in him and in his son, Jesus Christ. God is perfect, and holy, and will never break a promise. A Christian only has to perservere and 'ke (MORE)
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How god help us grow in your spirituality?

God help us grow in your daily walk, when you are going through a trial in your life.He puts people in our path,either by a testimony to set you free,while you are going throu (MORE)
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What faith will bring you closer to God?

Roman Catholic Answer The only faith established by God, the Catholic faith. The Jewish faith was also established by God, but it was fulfilled and completed in Christianity (MORE)
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What does confirmation means and how it will help your faith grow?

Confirmation is basically believing and trusting in GOD and trusting that he will make all things right. It grows your faith because it better makes you believe and show stron (MORE)
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What does faith do for god?

It doesn't do anything really. It's just a way to love Him back, because He loves us unconditionally.
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How do you be faithful to god?

John 14:15 (KJV) If ye love me, keep my commandments. Proverbs 3:5 - Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. Mark 9:23 - (MORE)
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How does the Holy Spirit help us accept faith and grow in it?

Catholic Answer The Holy Spirit was sent by Our Blessed Lord to guide the Churchalways. We receive the Holy Spirit particularly when we believe inGod, when we are baptized, wh (MORE)
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How to get closer to God?

You get closer to God by: . following God's instructions . having good morals . practicing ritual worships per God rules . Praying to God in time of need and thanking Him (MORE)