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What is a BPS degree?

A BPS degree stands for a Bachelor of Professional Studies. At Roosevelt University where I attend it is an Adult Fast Track degree that you can complete in 3 to 3-1/2 years i (MORE)
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What does bps mean?

BPs means Basis Points. A Basis Point is equal to 1/100th of 1%, so50 Basis Points means 0.5%. It is used to denote a change in afinancial instrument and commonly used for cal (MORE)
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What does BP stand for?

Medical: Blood Pressure Company: Beyond Petroleum formerly known as British Petroleum, but changed in 2000 following the merger with Amoco (formerly Standard Oil of Indi (MORE)
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Why does bp rise?

A few reasons, either constriction of arteries and veins, logically, same volume in a smaller area equals a greater pressure. Or the heart working harder, which is influenced (MORE)
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3 BP of i?

i think you are working on the same 3rd grade math challenge we are 3 = baseball players in the infield is the best we came up with
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What does BP mean?

The acronym BP has innumerable (2000+) uses as an acronym or initialism. Some of the more popular or recent uses include: British Petroleum (energy company that suffered a (MORE)
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Where does BP get their oil from?

BP produces hydrocarbons from fields on land as well as under water. Their operations are global: Africa, Asia and Middle East, Australia, Europe, South America and North Amer (MORE)
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Who owns BP?

BP is a publicly traded stock company. 79 institutions and 21 individuals hold 100% of the stock, according to BP's website. According to, the top instit (MORE)
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What is bps for computer?

Abbreviation of b its p er s econd , the standard measure of data transmission speeds .
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What can you do with BPS degree?

It depends on what you major in. If you major in Psychology, then you can get an entry level job related to that field. You could also get an entry level job in a number of ot (MORE)
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How do you get bp on marapets?

There are three ways to get Bp on marapets. ~trading . ~playing certain games . ~battling with trading cards
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What do you mean bps?

In computer science it stands for "bits per second," however some call it "bytes per second." It is a measurement of speed particular to data transfer especially within a comm (MORE)
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How do you get bp in platinum?

uve got to win 7 times in a row to win like 3 points but other than that i don't know
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What does BP in BP handle stands for?

'B.P.' in BP handle stands for Bard-Parker. It was Morgan Parker who first devised a method of attaching the handle to the blade without any additional parts. In 1915 he was g (MORE)
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Who is BP koirala?

\nBP Koirala (1914- 1982) was the first democraticly elected Prime minister of Nepal. He established the Nepali Congress Party and also overthrew the 104 year old Rana Regim. (MORE)
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What is a BP handle?

BP = British Petroleum A BP handle is a scalpel handle that can be re used, just thehandle as the blade is single use and replacable
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How do you get bp?

Go to the fight area and enter the battle tower. There should be a sign on the far right of the town that says, " *arrow pointing up* Battle Park Ahead Where Trainers Train". (MORE)
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What is bps in economics?

BPS = basis point. Definition: A unit for measuring a bonds yield that is equal to 1/100 of 1% of yield. Also known as "bips". Same as 1/10,000 of yield (1% divided by 100). F (MORE)
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How do you get BP on platinum?

BPs are earned at the battle frontier, for winning a certain number of consecutive battles at each event.
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What is normal bp?

A reading of 120/80 is considered to be optimal. A little higher or lower than this is also in the normal range.
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What is bps meaning?

computer information rate - ( bits per seconds )< bps > means bits is" however call it " bytes per seconds " example of bytes 8 bytes any bytes any bytes however ca (MORE)
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What is cetomacrogol cream bp?

It is an emulsifying agent allowing lipids and water based fluids to be mixed together into (pharmaceutical) preparations
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What is bp 4149?

section 4149 of the Business and Professions Code of CA. Possession of a hypodermic needle.
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What is bp worth?

If the author meant BP as British Pharmacopea it is worthy for pharmacology, pharmacies and for information about drugs. But if the author wanted to say: British Paetroleum, I (MORE)
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What is the price of BP?

BP's stock price as traded on the US exchanges is $29.85 as of July 2, 2010.
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How large is BP?

BP has a market capitalization of 130 billion dollars and employs 80,000 people so it is a very large, integrated oil company operating in many countries. It does not produce (MORE)
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What are the weaknesses of BP?

· Launch of controversial business with the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline; · Increase in petrol prices in the UK; · Explosion of BP refinery in Texas that caused 10 (MORE)
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Who is the girl BP?

As the subject sujests she is an endangered species. Not much is known about this wild animal but it is thourght that her middle names are Anastasia Thumbalina Victoria, that (MORE)
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Is BP an oligopoly?

No, because of two reasons. An oligopoly is a market form in which a market or industry is dominated by a small number of sellers (oligopolists). BP is not a market form, bu (MORE)
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Can bp be cured?

Blood pressure, by definition, cannot be "cured", since a person only stops having a blood pressure when his or her heart stops beating. The goal in treating high blood pressu (MORE)
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How do you get bp on cf?

Only In Philipines: 1)get 100 eCoins 2)go to the item shop 3)buy the gold mask 3days=1100 BP 7days=2300 answer by julien
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What is BP 22?

In Philippine law - issuing a cheque without sufficient funds, punishable by imprisonment or a large fine
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Which one is more dangerous high BP or low BP Why?

High B.P. is more dangerous as we cannot prevent it like low B.P. If we have low B. P. we can prevent it by taking more salt contains. But high B.P. cannot be prevented by any (MORE)
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What will increase BP?

These are some steps to increase blood pressure high. Assess the situation Insist the patient drink plenty of water or other fluids. Provide something salty for the patient to (MORE)