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What is the Brezhnev Doctrine?

The Brezhnev Doctrine was the Soviet policy (named after Premier Leonid Brezhnev) of using military force to topple any government within the Warsaw Pact which began to show b ( Full Answer )
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Who is Leonid Brezhnev?

HE WASZ A iMPORANt EXPLORE . Leonoid Brezhnev was the new leader of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union. (1964) He replaced Nikita Khrushchev. As the new leader, he re ( Full Answer )
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What was the Brezhnev doctrine?

"When forces that are hostile to socialism and try to turn the development of some socialist country towards capitalism, it becomes not only a problem of the country concerned ( Full Answer )
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Did Brezhnev do a treaty with Hitler?

No, Brezhnev was 16 years-old when Hitler signed the non-aggression pact with Stalin in 1932.. No, Brezhnev was 33 years old when Hitler signed the non-aggression pact with S ( Full Answer )
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What was Leonid Brezhnev famous for?

Leonid Ilych Brezhnev (1906-1982) was famous mainly for his new style of governance. He believed in more and more power and made it to grab power from local to the central gov ( Full Answer )
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Did people like Leonid Brezhnev?

Depends on the view point of the USSR. Most Soviet people andcitizens found him a good leader and in May, 2013 a poll showedaround 60-70% of the population found he was the be ( Full Answer )
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Nixon and Brezhnev reached agreement on?

Nixon and Brezhnev reached an agreement on nuclear issues. Theyagreed to put limits on nuclear defense and also to reduce it.
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What are facts about Leonid Brezhnev?

He was the first secretary of Soviet Union. He helped many people by buiding their houses. He was also the head of Commisars.
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Did regan sign the Brezhnev Doctrine?

no, the Brezhnev Doctrine was a doctrine by the USSR and Regan had thus nothing to do with it
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How old is Leonid Brezhnev?

Leonid Brezhnev was born on December 19, 1906 and died on November 10, 1982. Leonid Brezhnev would have been 75 years old at the time of death or 108 years old today.
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Was Leonid brezhnev bad guy?

Yes. He authored Soviet invasions of Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan, armed Communist forces from Vietnam to Nicaragua to Angola, armed Arab terrorist groups like the PLO and t ( Full Answer )
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How did Brezhnev react to Prague spring?

The Prague Spring of 1968 occurred when a new Czech leader, Alexander Dubcek, eased government control over the people in key areas including freedom of speech. Brezhnev saw t ( Full Answer )
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What are two similarities and differences between the Eisenhower and Brezhnev doctrines?

The main similarity is the offer of "help" by the two doctrines to a 'threatened' country by the US and the USSR respectively. The other is, that both doctrines were aimed at ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Leonid Brezhnev been in?

Leonid Brezhnev has: Played himself in "Urho Kekkonen" in 1961. Played himself in "Barrikade" in 1966. Played himself in "Reise in die Gegenwart" in 1966. Played himself in "C ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Brezhnev - 2005?

The cast of Brezhnev - 2005 includes: Gennadi Bogachyov Vadim Ermilov Sergey Garmash as The Visitor Igor Ivanov as Aleksandr Shelepin Afanasi Kochetkov as K. U. Chernenko Andr ( Full Answer )
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What are the release dates for Letter to Brezhnev - 1985?

Letter to Brezhnev - 1985 was released on: Australia: 26 December 1985 USA: 2 May 1986 Ireland: 30 May 1986 West Germany: 9 October 1986 Sweden: 7 November 1986 J ( Full Answer )
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What has the author L I Brezhnev written?

L. I. Brezhnev has written: 'Vizit Leonida Il'icha Brezhneva v Soedinennye Shtaty Ameriki 18-25 iyunya 1973 goda' 'Rech' na Plenume Tsentral'nogo Komiteta KPSS, 16 noyabry ( Full Answer )