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What is a BS degree?

Its a degree which is equivalent to B.Sc...... B.Sc is 2 years and BS is 4 years programme
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What is the meaning of BS?

A "BS" (British Standard) document is generally confined to the UK and many British territories (Gibraltar, for example). You might also come across a "BS EN" (British Stan (MORE)
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What is BS and BA?

A BA stands for a bachelors of arts degree. A BS stands for bachelors in science degree. Read below for more detailed information on the difference. . Whether a degree fall (MORE)
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BS is easy?

It depends on the specific program of study. Some are more intense than others. However, if you have a passion for what you want to do, difficulty will not be an issue.
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What is bs fuse for?

Depends on the fuse, as there are many fuses that comply with BS standards. BS 3036 (re-wirable) and BS 1361/1362 are found in the plugs of many appliances....
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Is this site bs?

Certainly not. Many of the questions are less than useful, but the site itself is a good reference place.. If you feel it is not useful, you are welcome to go someplace else. (MORE)
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What is after a BS?

If you are looking at the order of degrees, they are typically ordered as follows (in general from lowest to highest). . Associates . Bachelors . Masters . Doctorate (hig (MORE)
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What are BS 3036?

BS 3036 compliant fuses, are semi-enclosed, or more commonly referred to as "rewirable" fuses. The user must directly replace the fuse wire (link) when it ruptures. Increasing (MORE)
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What is the vitamin Bs?

The vitamin Bs often work together to bolster metabolism, maintain healthy skin and muscles, enhance immune and nervous system function, and promote cell growth and division, (MORE)
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Can you get a MA with a BS?

If I've understood the question properly, yes. Most Masters programs simply require that applicants have an undergraduate degree; whether that degree is a BA, BS, BSEd, JD, (MORE)