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How many caesars were there?

Sixty! From Augustus Caesar to Julian of Pannonia, the last usurper before the Roman Empire was split. See the attached link. Caesar was originally the surname of a branch of (MORE)
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Julius caesars medical history?

Julius Caesar's medical history indicates that generally he was ofsound health. However, there are times he suffered from epilepsy,migraines and absence seizures.
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Does Calpurnia die in 'Julius Caesar'?

Yes she does. She dies of a broken heart because Ceasar was gone so long. She had a lot of stress and more.
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What is the climax of 'Julius Caesar'?

Although many would claim that the clamatic scene is when the titale character gets knifed, my personal opinion is that it comes much later. Julius Caesar is actually much mor (MORE)
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What was in Julius Caesars will?

He left to each Roman citizen (male) 75 drachmas (silver coins) and all his walks, his private arbors, and new-planted orchards to be recreational areas for the citizens of Ro (MORE)
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Who were Caesars assassins?

Caesar's assassins consisted of 60 or so famous Senators. Some of the major conspiritors were: Marcus Junius Brutus Gaius Cassius Longinus Casca Ligarius Metellus Cimber Deciu (MORE)
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Who was caesars grandnephew?

Caesar's grandnephew was Octavian. He was the founder of the Roman Empire, and first Emperor in Rome.
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How many caesars where there?

The title of Caesar came from the name of Gaius Julius Caesar. The first 12 rulers of Imperial Rome (including Julius Caesar) are sometimes referred to as 'The 12 Caesars.' (MORE)
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Who was caesars parents?

Julius Caesar's father was also named Gaius Julius Caesar and his mother was Aurelia Cotta.
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What is in Caesars will?

According to the ancient writer Seutonius, Julius Caesar, in addition to adopting Gaius Octavius as his son, he left him 3/4 of his estate and 1/8 each to Lucius Pinarius and (MORE)
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What is 'Caesar' in English?

Caesar was a Roman family name within the Iulia clan. The Iulia clan claimed descent from Prince Aeneas of Dardania, by way of his first marriage to Princess Creusa of Troy, (MORE)
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Who is caesars father?

If you mean Julius Caesar, he was named after his father who was Gaius Julius Caesar. If you mean Julius Caesar, he was named after his father who was Gaius Julius Caesar. I (MORE)