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Who is Julius Caesar what did he do?

Julius Caesar, one of Ancient Rome's most famous individuals, was born in 100 BC - or near to that year. Julius Caesar joined the Roman Army in 81 BC and was the first Roman a ( Full Answer )
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What sickness does Caesar have?

he has what is known now as epilepsy but in his time they just called it falling down syndrome . _______________________________________________________________________ . In ( Full Answer )
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Did Caesar make Caesar salad?

No, it was the Caesar hotel, where Caesar Cardini, a chef, improvised the salad after running out of other ingredients.. -.-. it did originnate from rome. I think it origin ( Full Answer )
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What did Julius Caesar do?

Julius Caesar was a Roman general and later self-proclaimed emperor, who rose through the administrative ranks of the Roman Republic. He was assassinated by his rivals in the ( Full Answer )
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What did Caesar do for Rome?

Julius Caesar led Rome into battle against the leaders of the republic so that he could end the Rebublic and become dictator for life.
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What is a caesar salad?

A Caesar salad is a type of salad made from romaine lettuce, croutons, Parmesan cheese, coddled or hard-boiled eggs, fresh-ground black pepper and Worcestershire sauce.
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How did Julius Caesar become Caesar?

He didn't become Caesar - it was his father's name and meanshariy, or a fine head of hair. It was a joke name as the family hadinherited baldness (Romans did have a sense of h ( Full Answer )
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Who is octavtious Caesar - Julius Caesar?

Julius adopted Octavius when he was four since he and his wife had no children together and he needed an heir.
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What is in Caesars will?

According to the ancient writer Seutonius, Julius Caesar, in addition to adopting Gaius Octavius as his son, he left him 3/4 of his estate and 1/8 each to Lucius Pinarius and ( Full Answer )
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In Julius Caesar does Caesar die?

In Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, Caesar is murdered in the Senate at the begining of Act III. Caesar's ghost later returns to warn Brutus that he will die at Philippi - a ( Full Answer )
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Is it Augustus Caesar or Caesar Augustus?

His real name was Gaius Octavius Thurinus but when he was fighting Mark Antony he was called Octavianus. When he won the battle he re-named himself Augustus which means 'majes ( Full Answer )
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Was Julius Caesar the first Caesar?

No, his father was a Caesar also; both were members of the Julii Caesares. The name 'Caesar' as referring to an emperor was used in the reign of the Emperor Claudius and al ( Full Answer )
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How is Caesar legendary?

Caesar is known mostly as a dictator that rejected the rupublican form of government that was in place at the time. However without Caesar doing this, it is likely that the re ( Full Answer )
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Who was Caesar in The Bible?

I need to know what the scripture Give To Caesar What Is Caesar's And To God What Is God's mean I don't have full understanding of it please. E-mail answer to joyce.gary@etrad ( Full Answer )
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What is the emerald of Caesar?

A portrait of Jesus was carved on an emerald by order of Tiberius Caesar, which emerald the Emperor of the Turks afterwards gave out of the Treasury of Constantinople to Pope ( Full Answer )
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Who does not warn Caesar?

Well, none of the conspirators warn him, which is not surprising. Popilius Lena, however, seems to know all about it (he tells Cassius that he wishes that "your enterprise may ( Full Answer )
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Who is casca in Caesar?

One of the conspirators, a sarcastic man who is famous for the phrase, "It was Greek to me."
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How is Caesar assassinated?

Caesar was assassinated by being stabbed. The conspirators crowded around him on the pretext of presenting a petition to him.
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Was Caesar a dictator?

Yes, literally. His title was "dictator", a position the Romans had developed for times of crisis when they needed a single strong man. He was appointed to that position by th ( Full Answer )
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Where was Augustus Caesar from?

Augustus Caesar was born in Rome but his family moved to their estates in the town of Velitrae, where he grew up.
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How was Caesar changed?

The conspirators, with the assistance of a few knives, changed Julius Caesar from a living dictator to a dead one.
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Who did Caesar rule with?

When Caesar was elected consul, his partner was Marcus Bilbulus, who refused cooperation. At this same time, the agreement called the first triumvirate came to light. So in ef ( Full Answer )
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Why was Caesar mudered?

Caesar was murdered because he treated everyone with no respect and had too much power he thought he could rule Rome and never made the senates do there job
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When was Caesar was murdered?

Caesar was murdered on March 15, 44 BC. This is sometimes just called the Ides of March, because according to the Roman calendar, the "ides" fell on the 15th day of March. Ca ( Full Answer )
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What was Caesar accused of?

Initially Caesar was accused of improprieties while in public office and was ordered by the senate to disband his army and come to Rome for trial. When he refused, and crossed ( Full Answer )
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Who is Brutus in Caesar?

He is a senator who is said to have stabbed Caesar last and killing him. He committed suicide when being hunted by mark Antony and octavius for the assassination.
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Who was In power after Caesar?

If you mean Julius Caesar, the second triumvirate was in power after coming to an agreement to punish Caesar's killers. If you mean Julius Caesar, the second triumvirate was ( Full Answer )
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What is julius Caesar?

Julius Caesar is a man who was in the First Triumvirate of Rome. He also was the first dictator of Rome. A correction here. Julius Caesar was not the first dictator of Rome. ( Full Answer )
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Why was Caesar murderd?

Caesar was murdered because he had accumulated too much power and showed no sign of relinquishing any of it. The republic ceased to function normally under his perpetual dicta ( Full Answer )
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What are the strength of Caesar?

He created the Roman Empire and had a gift to lead people. He also created one of the largest empires of all time and inspired many people
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When and where was Caesar killed?

Gaius Julius Caesar was killed on March 15 (the ides) 44 BC in the senate house of Rome.
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When did Caesar rule?

One fact to remember concerning Julius Caesar is that he did not rule constantly, or at least not officially. He was consul in 59 BC which was his first position in supreme au ( Full Answer )
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What did Commodus do when he was caesar?

Commodus was a the emperor that popularized wearing animals intestines over genitals as protection during intercourse to prevent sexually transmitted diseases from spreading. ( Full Answer )
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What is Caesar opinion of Caesar?

Caesar has a very high opinion of Caesar. You might say he was Caesar's biggest fan.