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What zone does the calcareous worm live in?

The calcareous tubeworm is a marine worm. It is commonly found inthe intertidal zone, but may live at depths up to 100 meters.
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How do calcareous oozes form?

Calcareous oozes form from the skeletal remains of very small plankton-like sea creatures settling on the bottom of the ocean upon their death.
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What is a calcareous skeleton?

Its when a sea animal forms a skeleton from calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Calcium carbonate is dissolved in seawater, but less soluable at higher temperatures. The majority of an ( Full Answer )
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What is the scientific classification of a yellow calcareous sponge?

The Yellow Calcareous sponge is Arthuria canariensis (formerly Clathrina canariensis , and also previouslyclassified in the genera Nardoa , Leucosolenia, and Ascuris ). ( Full Answer )
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Is quartzite calcareous?

Yes it has many caleries. . The reason for this is that the quartzite contains a rare type of grain called dyphinimogen. This allows it to produce the calleries whilst it is ( Full Answer )
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Why are calcareous skeletons not found deep in the sea?

Alot of sea creatures do not need the strong skeleton to support their weight. But we have barely explored any of the actual deep sea, so who knows what might be found.
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How much humus in Calcareous soil?

Anywhere from "none" to "lots and lots". Calcareous soil is soil high in calcium (lime) content. it has nothing to do with the percentage of humus, which is decayed organic ma ( Full Answer )
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What is a calcareous sponge?

A calcareous sponge is any of a variety of sponge of the class Calcarea, with skeletons composed of spicules of calcium carbonate.
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What is a calcar?

A calcar is a small oven or furnace used for the calcination of sand and potash.