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How can you get out CDs that are stuck in your CD player?

1. (Recommended) Most CD players have a very tiny hole in the front plate. You may need to get on eye-level with the CD player to see the hole, or rub your finger gently acros ( Full Answer )
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When was the CD and CD player invented?

Sony received a design patent on a Compact Disk Player, originally filed in 1980. The Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (aka 3M) filed a 1962 US Patent application, ( Full Answer )
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What is a CDS?

The acronym CDS is a credit default swap . A financial termfor a derivative contract whereby one party buys protection againstthe default of a reference credit and the other ( Full Answer )
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What is a CD?

A CD , or a compact disc, is a hard drive for storing information, such as music, pictures, videos, etc. It can also be Certificate of Deposit from a bank for one to earn h ( Full Answer )
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How do you burn a CD from a CD on your computer?

Answer . Well if you have a CD burner and a CD reader, you can do something that is called "copying on the fly" (all this means is that the CD reader reads the information ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a stuck CD out of a CD player?

First, make sure that the player is on (most usually have lights, signaling if their on.) Then, unplug everything, and turn off you'r TV for about 30 sec After that, plug it b ( Full Answer )
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What is Cd if?

C. diff is clostridium difficile. It is a type of bacteria that cancause diarrhea and an infection of the colon.
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What does a CD do?

Want your answer here you have it. . Like gramophone records, the information on optical discs is recorded on a spiral track. However, with a CD the laser starts reading the ( Full Answer )
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How do you copy a CD to MP3 CD?

If you can play it on the computer, then use a capture program. I like WavePad, and it's free.
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Does ripping a CD affect the CD?

Not normally. In very rare cases, if the CD was already damaged there could possibly be some damage caused from multipule passes over the same data (the laser does heat the CD ( Full Answer )
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What is CD-R CD-RW?

CD-R is a CD that can be written to once. a CD-RW can be written to many times.
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How does a CD player read a CD?

The CD disc is a 'sandwich' of a thin layer of metal and plastic. (The metal is the 'meat' - the plastic is the 'bread'. The metal layer has music recorded on it by a laser - ( Full Answer )
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Is a CD the same as a CD Rom?

The term "CD" means Compact there really is no product just called a "CD" must be CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW,etc. "CD" means the same thing in all categories. The differ ( Full Answer )
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If the CD shows no CD?

then try to reboot your PC . if it still doesn't show the CD then you may not have it powered in correctly.
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How can you make CD from the original CD?

use cloneCD, its the best ;) its depend on the writing software which you are using. For nero, you have option "COPY CD"
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What if a CD you want to erase has CD-R on it but not CD-RW?

Sadly, you can't erase CD-R's. Once the data has been burned on the CD-R disc, it essentially becomes a CD-ROM; It all comes down to how data or music is written to a CD-R vs. ( Full Answer )
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How do CD players read CDs?

When you look at a cd, the colored part is just there to add size to it. The silvery stuff in the middle is what the CD players read.
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What does CD does?

The CD is a compact disc, a carrier for reproducing music or other sounds. It must be put into a CD player, which reproduces the sound through an amplifier and speakers.
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How do you eject CD from CD drive?

On a Mac, providing the CD is not stuck, you can press the Eject key or right click on the disc's icon and select Eject from the menu that appears or you can drag the icon to ( Full Answer )
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Why does a CD need a CD cover?

\nCD's have covers so that they don't get scratched, and a cover protected them from being scratched. If a CD becomes scratched too much, it will no longer be able to be read. ( Full Answer )
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Is the CD Hannah Montana the CD out?

Yes it is out, it has been out, and it will be out for god knows how long, so if u haven't baught it yet, and i dont know why u would, then buy it already, god.
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What are CD - and CD?

Basically Compact Discs are of two types: CD - R CD - RW A CD-R ( Compact Disc-Recordable ) is a variation of the Compact Disc invented by Philips and Sony. CD-R is a W ( Full Answer )
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Is CD the same as CD-R?

No. CD-R will play the same on systems today but it's not the same and will not play in pre CD-R systems (like say a 1988 CD player).
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How does a CD drive read a CD?

the CD drive has lasers which read the CD, so the CD has pieces that can be read.
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Can a CD player damage a CD?

A properly operating CD player will not damage a CD because there is no physical contact with the disc except in the center, where no music is stored, however a defective play ( Full Answer )
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How do you eject the CDs from the CD player?

take a large hammer and set your cd player's time back 3 hours. then, my hopping on one foot with your magical pixie wand, lick the hammer and take the cd with your wand. it w ( Full Answer )
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How do you burn CD to CD?

You need an application like Roxio that can copy the data from the CD, store it onto the hard-drive and then transfer it to a new CDR.
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How do you get the CD player to play the CD?

This method may vary greatly depending on the device you are using to play the CD. Insert the CD into the disk slot/tray, with many devices, the CD will begin playing autom ( Full Answer )
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How do you know if your CD is CD-rw?

There's supposed to be 'CD-RW' written or printed on the Disc. Usually, it's either at the left or right side of the Disc.
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CD not working on CD-ROM?

at start of computer strike F2 and for setup. Now you should tick the IDE CD ROM or IDE DVD ROM drive because it is sometime disabled by the computer and now enjoy your CD's a ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a CD out of a car CD player?

Ask it nicely and see what happens, REMEMBER, VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER DUMBBUTTOCKS!! unless it doesnt come out when you ask it nicely or it involve Phil, then you kick hi ( Full Answer )
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What are CDs for?

CDs can be used for any form or format of data as long as the total size of the combined files is under the total capacity of the CD, that capacity normally being 700 megabyte ( Full Answer )
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Can you convert an MP3 CD to a CD?

yes i beleave you could. but it wouldnt be that easybyou would have to get someone who knows what they are doin. or sometype of technology nerd. no offense and nerd is defined ( Full Answer )
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Are CD-RWs as stable as CDs?

No, because in a CD-RW the pits and flats that make up the data are constantly being changed, which means the disc's surface has to be much more flexible and impermanent.
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What is the difference between a CD CD r and CD rw?

A 'standard' CD is pre-loaded with software or music. The data is fixed, and cannot be altered. A CD-R or CD-RW is blank - so the user can put their own data (music, programs ( Full Answer )