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How are plant cels different from animal cells?

At a basic level... Animal cells only have cell membrane and not a cell wall, and the mitochondria produce the majority of the ATP. Plant cells contain cell walls and a cell (MORE)
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Is Animal Crossing cel-shaded?

Yes, Animal Crossing is cel-shaded. The original Animal Crossing Gamecube game is a cel-shaded game, and is in the form of 'Toon Shading'.
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Do cels make up tissue?

Yes. Tissue is a group of cells that perform a specific function
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Why are blood cels red?

hemoglobin a protein containing 4 iron atoms that is used to transport oxygen.
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What is the relationship between HIV aids and white blood cels?

AIDS is caused by HIV which is a virus. The virus enters the body fluids and it infects the T cells, precisely T helper cells. These cells are actually important white blood c (MORE)
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Why do animal cels need a lysosome?

They're chambers which contain digestive enzymes, mostly important because their membrane is not digested by those enzymes. If the lysosome were to rupture, those enzymes woul (MORE)
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Do plant cels have mitochondria?

Yes, they do. They can take the sugars made during photosynthesis and turn them into ATP energy in their own mitochondria.
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When was Sanderijn Cels born?

Sanderijn Cels was born on December 21, 1970, in Amersfoort, Utrecht, Netherlands.
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What has the author Jacques Cels written?

Jacques Cels has written: 'Etats d'un motif d'absence' 'Le bathyscaphe' -- subject(s): Literature, History and criticism