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How do i repair CEL code p0446 on 1996 Eclipse GST?

1- Loose gas cap 2- Vacuum line off of fuel tank or evaporative charcoal canister 3- Bad evaporative vent solenoid 4- Bad wires to evap vent solenoid. Its most likely t ( Full Answer )
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What Cel Animation mean?

Answer . I am somewhat new to cel animation, but I know it has something to do with cartoon rendering. daz studio is free and has a good cartoon renderer.
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How is cel animation made?

cel animation is where one background is used, and the moving images are drawn over the top on acitate (clear plastic) and then there is 25 or 12 frames per second as with reg ( Full Answer )
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Sacs that contain materials in a eukaryotic cel?

The sac or the small cavity that contains materials in a eukaryoticcell is called vesicle. The vesicle is covered by a membrane calledlipid bilayer.
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Cels in traditional animation refers to what?

One complete scene image. I think it's short for the medium used (cellulose acetate or cellulose nitrate).
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Cel phone allowed in school or not?

only if they are kept turned off until after school because most people dont want to listen when theyre texting or chatting with someone in school or on the phone. Because you ( Full Answer )
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What are some function that the cel membrane do?

\nhe cell membrane forms a barrier between the inside of the cell and the outside, \nso that the chemical environments on the two sides can be different. The cell controls \n ( Full Answer )
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What is a laser cel?

A laser cel is a picture etched in strong Mylar that doesn't crack,fade or chip. It is immune to heat, light and moisture. It has brilliant colors and is usually beautiful. Ea ( Full Answer )
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How are plant cels different from animal cells?

At a basic level... Animal cells only have cell membrane and not a cell wall, and the mitochondria produce the majority of the ATP. Plant cells contain cell walls and a cell ( Full Answer )
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What was the first film that used cel animation?

Cel stands for Celluloid not prison accomodations or batteries ( like Cell Phone). The now-defunct Saalfield company used Saalfield Cels for production of Fashion illustration ( Full Answer )
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What is epithl cel squa in urine test?

Lower one third of urethra (the last tube leading urine stream from bladder to outside) and the epithelium lining the vagina in a woman are lined by flat cells known as squamo ( Full Answer )
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Is Animal Crossing cel-shaded?

Yes, Animal Crossing is cel-shaded. The original Animal Crossing Gamecube game is a cel-shaded game, and is in the form of 'Toon Shading'.
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What is mileys cel nomber?

Let me just say that i doubt anyone on the internet has mileys number. if they did have it, they wouldn't give it out to anyone, do you know how many calls she would get a day ( Full Answer )
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Is there a cure for sickle cel amenia?

Currently there is no cure for sickle cell anemia but thoes who have the disease should not climb mountains (where there is low O2 content) and should not over exert themselve ( Full Answer )
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Plant cel wall structure and functions?

A cell wall is a tough, flexible and sometimes fairly rigid layer that surrounds some types of cells. It is located outside the cell membrane and provides these cells with s ( Full Answer )
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How much is an original cel from Raggedy Ann and Andy worth?

I've only seen them for sale online a few times. Usually for 1 it is around $40-$50 and for 2 it is about $115, and that is when they are already in frames. The one time I saw ( Full Answer )
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What is Selena gomez's cel no?

It'd be very unlikely for you to find Selena Gomez's real cellphone number unless her or a family member of hers gave it out. I do know her email though. I'm pretty sure it's ( Full Answer )
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What does the cel membrane do?

If I remmember this correctly, then the cel membrane is kinda like a small protection, and it's thin enough to let food etc. pass
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What is the relationship between HIV aids and white blood cels?

AIDS is caused by HIV which is a virus. The virus enters the body fluids and it infects the T cells, precisely T helper cells. These cells are actually important white blood c ( Full Answer )
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What do the cytoplasm do in a plant cel?

The cytoplasm is the thick, jellylike material inside the cell membrane - not including the nucleus, in which the organelles are located. The cytoplasm helps to move materials ( Full Answer )
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What is the power plants of the cel?

The "power plant" of the cell is the mitochondria. Mit-oh-con-dree-ah. It is also known as the "power source" of the cell.
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Why do animal cels need a lysosome?

They're chambers which contain digestive enzymes, mostly important because their membrane is not digested by those enzymes. If the lysosome were to rupture, those enzymes woul ( Full Answer )
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What does the cell wall in a plant cel do?

Provides a protective barrier around the plant cell, note that plant cells also have a cell membrane. Cell walls are important to many functions, excretion of waste, taking i ( Full Answer )
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Do plant cels have mitochondria?

Yes, they do. They can take the sugars made during photosynthesis and turn them into ATP energy in their own mitochondria.
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What goes in the process of making an animation cel?

A cel is a transparent sheet that is layed on an already drawn background. Typically they were painted with acrylic paint and than put over a static background with these bein ( Full Answer )
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What do you need cel membranes?

Cell Membranes . We have been talking about cells being a unit of organization inbiology. Let's look at the cell membrane and seehow that membrane keeps all of the pieces i ( Full Answer )
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Meaning of e on cel phone?

When the letter E appears on the reception bar of a cell phone, itmeans that your phone is running on edge speed. This different thanthe 3 or 4 G speeds phones now use.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Mirant al cel - 2008?

The cast of Mirant al cel - 2008 includes: Rosa Bagot as herself Eduard Benito as Guia refugi Montserrat Biosca as herself Manuel Bronchud as Manel Susan Buzzi as Traductora r ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Cels Gomis i Mestre written?

Cels Gomis i Mestre has written: 'Meteorologia i agricultura populars' -- subject(s): Agriculture, Catalonia, Folklore, Meteorology
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What has the author Jacques Cels written?

Jacques Cels has written: 'Etats d'un motif d'absence' 'Le bathyscaphe' -- subject(s): Literature, History and criticism
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What determines the fuction of a cel?

The shape of a cell is what determines its function. Cells aresurrounded by cell membranes.