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What is the difference between PHP and CGI?

The benefits of running PHP-CGI are: . It is more secure. The PHP runs as your user rather than dhapache. That means you can put your database passwords in a file readable (MORE)

What is CGI?

CGI (Computer Generated Imaging) In movie, video, and imaging terms, Computer Generated Imaging is the art of partially or fully developing a video, movie, or image with one (MORE)

What does CGI stand for?

Most often, CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. Some web servers allow Common Gateway Interface bins (or something of that sort), in which CGI scripts can be placed in, a (MORE)

Why PERL is used for the cgi?

Perl was the easiest language to use.The program is a text file, they can easily upload it and pass it around. Perl script is well the same on any platform, so what you wrote (MORE)

What is cgi eBay?

It is a URL generated when you view photos on the UK eBay site, particularly when you use the enlargement option, so it appears to be linked with their picture hosting.
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What is CGI animation?

CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery. This is mainly seen in films and TV such as Transformers, Toy Story, Narnia, Harry Potter, etc. This is basically where the movie ma (MORE)

What is CGI environment?

The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) environment is a task or process created by the web server for the purpose of processing a request from a client application to the server s (MORE)

Where can you find the tools for CGI animation?

In 3D animation programs such as Maya, 3ds Max, Lightwave 3D, or Softimage XSI. These programs are generally considered specialty software and are not available in brick-and-m (MORE)