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What does Chino mean?

Chino means (according to Princeton) a kind of cloth that originated America's most popular casual cloth called blue Jeans. The noun chino has 1 sense: 1. (ethnic slur) ( Full Answer )
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Phone number to chino prison?

whats the phone number to chino prison Mailing Address: P.O. Box 128 Chino, CA 91710 (909) 597-1821
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Who is chino moreno's new girlfriend?

Her name is Risa Mora. He was married to Celeste Moreno for some time. They have two boys together, but somewhere after the self titled album he got his on the side girlfriend ( Full Answer )
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Does chino ca have two prisons?

no, it has 3. there's the California Institution for Men (CIM), California for Women (CIW), and the California Youth Authority
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How many state prison are in chino?

There is the California Institution for Men, California Institution for Women, and California Youth Authority
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What is the address to chino state prison?

The California Institution for Men Minimum Support Facility PO. Box 600 Chino, CA 91708 Make sure you include following information on the envelope: Inmate's full ( Full Answer )
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Where in chino do they take car that get repossessed?

my friend owed my $3,000 so he gave me his 2004 pickup truck as callateral last night the truck was taken from my driveway by ? my friend said it must be stolen because he is ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to chino from sandiego?

one way is to take the I-15 north, merge onto the 91 Fwy, then merge onto the Chino Valley (71) Fwy
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What Is chino slang for?

cannabis Chino is Spanish for Chinese . Chiva is marijuana .Chino is also a California state penal institution.[ and town]
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Is chino XL married?

American rapper and actor, Chino XL is not currently married.However, he was married at one point. He has recently gotten adivorce.
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How old are Chino y Nacho?

Chino (Jesus Alberto Miranda Perez) was born November 15, 1983. Nacho (Miguel Ignacio Mendoza ) was born August 22,1983.
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Are skinny chinos jeans?

Yes there are is no such thing as skinny jeans. jeans are eitherblue or denim. any inverted colours are also chinos e.g. blackwhite. I hope this answered your question.
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How did Chino Fats Williams get into movies?

Fats was a longtime jazz bar owner. His very destinctive voice "DRINK IT", got him noticed. That and he had really good cocaine connections...
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What can you mail to chino state prison?

You can mail letters, which are opened and inspected for contraband before they are forwarded to the inmate. Make sure you include following information on the envelope Inma ( Full Answer )
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What is the webpage for chino state prison?

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has a website that includes the California Institution for Men located in Chino.
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How old is Chino?

Jesus Alberto Miranda Perez aka Chino (of Chino y Nacho) is 33years old (born November 15, 1984).
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Is chino y nacho gay?

Chino y Nacho have not publicly come out of the closet and apparently they're straight but who knows maybe one day they'll open that closet door and say they're GAY
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What to wear with tan chino shorts?

i'd say... BROWN 'granny shoes' the ones that look like bowling shoes? or the ones that are more like a dolly shoe (both really in fashion ATM). a brown breifcase type bag tha ( Full Answer )
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What can you wear with chinos?

I'd suggest wearing a ruffled or floral top with heels for a gurrl and just a white tshirt or plaid shirt or anything really for a guuy -
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Who is chino and who is nacho?

Chino is a GORGEOUS Venezuelan singer and Nacho is an adorable Venezuelan singer. They are a duo known as "Chino y Nacho". They are famous worldwide and also beautiful! Hehe x ( Full Answer )
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Who invented chinos?

Chino cloth From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pants made from chino cloth.. Chino cloth is a twill fabric, originally made of 100% cotton. Today it is also found in ( Full Answer )
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When chino moreno get divorced?

He petitioned Celeste for a divorce in 2007. The date of dissolution on the CA Supreme Court site says 5/27/2007. He has an 8 year old daughter as of 2013 with a different wom ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between khakis and chinos?

Khaki was originally the name of a color, but now chino (the name of a fabric) and Khaki are synonymous with a cotton casual pant. In 1846 Sir Harry Lumsden commanding an Engl ( Full Answer )
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Why Are Chinos So Bad?

Chinos are disgusting. There horrible. They look wrong and well most people who wear them are either following the crowd or gay. Most people just look gay or like a hipster. T ( Full Answer )
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What does calzón chino mean in Spanish?

It literally means "Chinese underwear". In some places, this slang is used to mean "wedgie" - - pulling up someone else's underwear as a prank.
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What is Chino XL most famous for?

Chino XL is an American rapper and actor, who is also a bodybuilder and a member of MENSA. He has appeared in the TV shows "Reno 911" and "CSI Miami".
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Where is the city of Chino located?

The city of Chino is located in California. The city is located west of Riverside, east of Whittier, south of Bonita and north of Anaheim. Chino has a population of 77,983 peo ( Full Answer )
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What colors are chino pants available in?

Chino pants are available in olive, khaki, beach plum, green, orange, tomato, off white, gray, navy, cactus, icy mint, antique pewter, pink cameo, coral, neon lemon yellow, an ( Full Answer )
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Who can get a library card in chino?

Almost anyone can get a library card at the Chino Branch of the San Bernardo County Library system (located in Chino, CA). For a free card, all you need to be is a resident of ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Sadako Chino written?

Sadako Chino has written: 'Fortran programmes in the education of statistics' -- subject(s): Computer programs, FORTRAN (Computer program language), Statistics