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What does a CNA do?

CNAs perform basic nursing functions such as personal care, taking vital signs, and ambulation under the supervision of a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse. CNAs ( Full Answer )
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How old do you have to be to be a cna?

It really depends on the state licensing boards. Like in Florida, the Florida Board of Nursing requires that you be 18 to sit for the CNA exam. I believe all states have this ( Full Answer )
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Can a CNA transfer from TX to TN?

Since the process of reciprocity, or certification transfer, is so important to a certified nurse aide, we've decided to clarify what it actually is, when you need it, and how ( Full Answer )
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What do you have to do to become an CNA?

To become a certified nursing assistant, you will first need to enroll in and complete a state-approved CNA training program. The courses will cover basic health care vocabula ( Full Answer )
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Where can a CNA work?

\nA CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant. They can work anywhere health care providers are needed such as Hospices, Retirement Homes etc.
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What is a cna float?

A CNA float is a certified nursing assistant that does not work on one particular unit of the hospital....he/she goes where they are needed.
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What are the responsibilities of a CNA?

The key responsibilities of the Certified Nursing Assistant position is to provide quality nursing care to residents by providing individualized attention to attain the highes ( Full Answer )
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Where are cna jobs?

everwhere!! any health care facility! nusing homes, hospitals, clinics. read the paper there are always help wanted ads
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How long to get a CNA?

it is a one semseter course. the first in all in the classroom, the other half you train in a nursing home usually
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What is the difference between an CNA and a licensed CNA?

CNA stands for Certified Nurses Assistant. The Certified highlights the fact that these are medical worker is certified by their state to have certain qualification that make ( Full Answer )
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What is a CNA nurse?

if we want to know about CNA . Here is the basic description about it .. "A CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant, who works on the vanguard of patient and health care. A nursi ( Full Answer )
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What about CNA?

CNAs are basically certified medical professionals who work under the constant supervision of a Registered Nurse and perform various day to day tasks for the patients, such as ( Full Answer )
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What does a CNA do in a job?

you care for the residents by: turning, bathing, peri care, lifting, feeding, physical therapy, dental care. and much much mroe
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Can a felon be a cna?

Yes a felon can be a cna. it just depends on what you were charged with. if you charged for abusing someone i doubt anyone would hire you. but if its just a DUI for example ye ( Full Answer )
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What is cna trained to do?

cnas are trained to care for others by, feeding, toileting, showering, dressing, turning, moving, lifting, physical therapy, peri care. and much much more
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Why do you want to be a CNA?

becoming a cna can help you decide if you really want to go into health care
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What are the requirements for a cna?

must take the semester class and pass with at least a C and then pass the exam(state boards). All CNA training courses have a federal minimum requirement of 75 credit hours.
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What is required to be a CNA?

A certified nurse's assistant does most of the work and gets paid the least amount of money for what they do. You will more than likely go through a 2-4 week class (depending ( Full Answer )
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What is a cna responsiblities?

Certified Nursing Assistant, it really depends on your job. I have worked in Long term care,and we; took vitial ex. blood pressure, temp, heart rate, respirations, height and ( Full Answer )
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What are the accomplisments of a cna?

the accomplishments range greatly. You fall in love with the people you care for. Also you make an impact on their families lives and become close to them
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What is on a cna exam?

I took the cna exam jan. 09. I thought it was pretty simple. You need to know some of the abbreviations, and normal care tips. one question was like "what do you do before you ( Full Answer )
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Why is it important for an CNA to no about breast cancer?

Knowing about Breast Cancer is important for CNA's to know aboutbecause they need TLC (tender loving care). It is a difficult andoverwhelming experience for the patient. CNA's ( Full Answer )
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Can you get a job as a CNA after felony expungement?

If you are seeking employment with a private employer, and you are otherwise qualified, you probably can. However - if you are seeking employment with, or certification by, th ( Full Answer )
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Can a CNA cut a patients toenails?

It depends on your state's regulations. Check with your state's Board of Nursing or Department of Health, which are the regulatory agencies governing nurses aides/assistants. ( Full Answer )
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How do you use CNA Classes Online?

Keep in mind that you will need to complete a clinical portion of your training too before you can take the certification exam. Many online training programs will help you to ( Full Answer )
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What are the responbilities of an cna?

Their main responsibilities of a CNA are to measure vital signs (such a temperature, blood pressure, and pulse), clean patient rooms, feed the patients, and help with patient ( Full Answer )
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What will you do in cna Training?

Certified Nursing Assistant training programs are offered in a lot of schools throughout the country. Though schools may differ in teaching methods, all training programs have ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find some CNA schools?

CNA schools are located everywhere. I cannot recommend one in particular to you though because you have not stated where you are from or where you are looking. Usually your lo ( Full Answer )
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Where can you do training for CNA?

Most cities have places that you can do training to be a CNA. AAA CNA Training Centers, Stephens Heneger College, EagleGate College, and Everest College all have CNA Training ( Full Answer )
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Do nurses watch you in CNA training or other cnas?

It depends on how you get your training if your working as you train then you would be working under a nurse but if your going to a school then it would most likely be hands o ( Full Answer )
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What is CNA training?

A CNA training enables us to become a nursing assistant. The role of a nurse is considered very important in the healthcare industry. There are many CNS training programs and ( Full Answer )
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Who gets paid more cna or a hospice cna?

When your a cna some areas require cnaI and cna I I which require extra training it isn't something you just go to a class and say its done its not it requires extra time some ( Full Answer )
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What is the website CNAS about?

The CNAS website is about the security of America. The website contains articles about the latest world news that influences America. The website also outlines projects the Ce ( Full Answer )