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If a claim is filed for hail damage and a check received do you have to repair the vehicle or cna you pocket the money?

Do I Have To Fix It? . It depends on the insurance companies' policies. If they declared the vehicle a total loss you can do what you wish with the money. If they simply (MORE)
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What is a Med Tech 1 I need it to work in a nursing home And what is the difference between Med Tech 1 and a CNA?

I know that a Med Tech. is somebody who is able to pass meds under the supervision of a nurse but I didn't think that you had to be med tech certified to work in a nursing hom (MORE)

How much CNAs make?

Depending on the city where employed, a CNA will make per hour 8 - 18 dollars.
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How much do CNAs in Missouri make?

I'm from the botheel of missouri and I work at the hospital. I make 7.42. It's not much over min wage. I think think they r ripping me off!! I have my cna Liscense and I'm CPR (MORE)
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How can you get help for your 21 yr old granddaughter she is on drugs and hangs with a gang she was going to beautiy school but threw that away now she wants to be a cna you gave her your car to get t?

That's tough because she's over 18.. Of course, drugs are still illegal and you could get her into trouble but I don't think that would be productive. Try telling her how yo (MORE)
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What is the website CNAS about?

The CNAS website is about the security of America. The website contains articles about the latest world news that influences America. The website also outlines projects the Ce (MORE)