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COD is a fish. COD is also a great game on all platforms. you can kill people on it and heve great fun with your friends camping and anoying noobs. ^ 'Call Of duty' by t ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get COD MW2?

You can get the game at EB Games, or from a website called steam. Just to let you know its rated "M" for Mature (or 18+). or you could just get it from Tesco for around £25 ( Full Answer )
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Is cod a carp?

No it isn't a carp. this is because carp is poisonous and cod is edible. Carp is a very spreading fish that produces 300,000 eggs. when cod only produces
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Is there a demo for cod?

Depends on which cod you want... There is no cod black ops demo, but if you want 2 cod demos (2002) still good i have played the demo a couple weeks ago. http://www.activis ( Full Answer )
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Is cod halal?

In Sunni (except the Hanafi school) and Ibadi Jurisprudence, allsea-life is halal, so cod-fish is permissible to consume. In Shiite Jurisprudence and the Sunni Hanafi school, ( Full Answer )
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Are cod extincted?

Some species of cod are endangered, but as a whole the cod is far from extinct.
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What do you do in COD?

you play it in campaign or online with your friends it is a really fun game try to get the most kills in online i recommend free 4 all
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Will cod mw3 be the final cod?

No. The MW3 release on November 8 2011 sold over 12 million copies during the first week. You can expect another new Call of Duty series game in November 2012 developed by Tre ( Full Answer )
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Is cod from cape cod?

Cod are a cold water fish today normaly found in deeper areas of the ocean but many years ago there was alot of cod all over the coast lines of the Cape. Today cod fish is nor ( Full Answer )
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Is cod ghost the last cod?

No they will continue the series for as long as they are makingmoney from the series or until it dies out.