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What is a constitutional monarch?

is a form of constitutional government, wherein either an elected or hereditary monarch is the head of state, unlike in an absolute monarchy, wherein the king or the queen is (MORE)
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What constitutes theft?

Act and Intent. The act of the theft is the first part that must be completed. This means that someone would have to hide or conceal an item. The second part is the intent. Th (MORE)
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Is Gerrymandering constitutional?

There are no provisions outlined in the Constitution forbiddinggerrymandering. However, in light of recent partisan battles, legalscholars like retired Supreme Court Justice, (MORE)
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What constitutes a religion?

A religion is any belief system that submits to the concept of a supreme entity or a host of divine entities governing the various forms of energy in the universe.
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What constitutes a racist?

One is considered racist by hating someone else because of their race, color, and/or heritage.
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What are constitutional principles?

popular sovereignty, separation of powers, republicasnism, limited government, federalism, checks and balances, and individual rights.
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What is Constitutional Autochthony?

Constitutional autochthony is asserting constitutional nationalismthat is given by an outside power. It is a sort of autonomy that isgiven by a benevolent government.
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What is a classification of constitutions?

A fundamental classification is codification or lack of codification. A codified constitution is one that is contained in a single document, which is the single source of cons (MORE)
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What is constitute?

Constitute is a word used to describe something that has been givenlegal or constitutional form. It can also mean that you are part ofsomething.
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What is the constitutions?

A constitution is the framework/guidelines for a government to be run by.
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What is constitutional?

1 Being of or about the constitution. 2 Having to do with the constitution.
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What is constitutional government?

A constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed. In other words, it is when a country (MORE)
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What constitute a sentence?

A complete sentence contains a person, place or thing doing something. The person, place or thing is called the subject of the sentence. The "doing something" part of the sen (MORE)
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What constitutes an addiction?

There are several pieces of an addiction. It is a complex disease. One does not need have all of the criteria to have an addiction, but if someone has a few of them there is a (MORE)
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What are constitutional implications?

As a result of the Constitutional Convention, we have the frame work of proper representation in congress for all 50 states at present!
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What constitutes a robbery?

Robbery is when one steals something from someone by force or threat of force.
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What constitutes a compound?

When two elements combine it forms a compound. NaCl (table salt) is a compouond of sodium and chloride. H2O (water) is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen.
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What is constitutional psychopathy?

a state of extreme narcicism and, where your offended by everything. A state that is determined by certain shizoid and hysterical personalities, as well as anti-social persona (MORE)
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What was Constitutional compromise?

The compromise was a way for the small states and the big states to ensure equal representation in the USA Congress. The re were two major plans: the Virginia plan wanted repr (MORE)
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Nomadism constitutes what?

a cyclical or seasonal movement of people and livestock along routes traveled repeatedly
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Who has a constitutional democracy?

In a country, the people and the government have power to create their system to be good. In that system must include human right and guaranteed in the highest law named const (MORE)
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What does the Constitutions do?

The constitution serves as the fundamental law of the land - otherlaws/policies are inspired by the Wisdom from the constitution;thus, no other related laws should be contradi (MORE)