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Where is the oil plug on the Cadillac Cts?

The oil plug is located on the oil pan under the car.. in between the front control arms. its the bolt that sticks down and at an angle. the oil filter is locat closer to the (MORE)
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What is the Cadillac cts cooling system?

There are cooling systems for the engine and the transmission.These are separate, and necessary to keep the vehicle fromoverheating.
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Francisco D'souza
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About CTS it company?

You question is wierd. If your asking is CTS a company, yes it is. They make parts for the automotive industry. If your referring to Cadillac, then CTS is a model. Its their m (MORE)
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What is CTS?

Caterra Touring Sedan
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What is CTs for a diamond?

CTs when used in the context of diamonds, stands for carats -- theweight of the stone.
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What is CTS OD?

Copper Tubing Size, Outside Diameter controlled. - How copper and PEX tubing size is specified based on the outside diameter. Common sizes are 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4 inch. This con (MORE)
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Are there any words ending with cts?

acts, architects, cataracts, corrects, deflects, detects, dissects, ducts, exacts, facts, genuflects, insects, inspects, protects, sects...
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What do the letters CTS after a name mean?

Certified Temporary-Staffing Specialist (CTS) is a professional designation awarded by the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) to members in the Personnel Consul (MORE)
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How much is a Cadillac CTS coupe?

It all depends on how many features you want and how much THEY are. Those will add up the total of the car.
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What does the letters CTS in Cadillac CTS mean?

They used to stand for Catera Touring Sedan when the CTS first replaced the Catera. Now it doesnt mean anything in particular. Just a model line in Cadillac that is a Sedan, C (MORE)
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What is the function of CTS?

The Common Type System (CTS) defines how types are declared, used, and managed in the runtime. It is an important for Language Interoperability. The CTS performs the following (MORE)
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Is cts fwd?

No. A Cadillac CTS is a RWD or AWD vehicle. CTS4 Denotes an AWD vehicle.
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How many sales did the Cadillac cts had?

The cadillac cts was first produced in 2002 adn that year they racked up 37,976 sales, throught he following years they sold 49,392, 57,211, 61,512, 54,846, 57,029, 58,774, 38 (MORE)
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Is CT-Guided Biopsy painfull?

Yes it is slightly painful, you do feel the needle pushing through and after you have soreness where the needle entered, it is about a 3/10 on the pain scale.
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Where are Cadillac cts coupes available?

Cadillac cts coupes can be found at any Cadillac dealership in any of the states and counties. Just check out the on that is closest to you, or check out the web.
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What does the V in CTS V stand for?

I just purchased a 2011 cts-v The v stands for Vette.....the engine is a supercharged 556 z06 corvette engine. It's basically a very responsive Vette engine wrapped in a Cadil (MORE)
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What is 'ct' test in medical?

Well I'm not 100% what u mean but a CT scan (Computed Tomography) in medical terms, if this is what your referring to is a scan docs use. It uses X-Rays to take detailed image (MORE)