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Distance between caen to Disneyland?

The driving distance from Caen, France to Disneyland Paris inFrance is 179.6 miles. The drive takes anywhere from 2 hours 45minutes to 3 hours, depending on traffic.
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How long to drive from caen to Paris?

There is approximately 144 miles between Caen, France and Paris,France. It would take about 2 hours and 20 minutes to drive.
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What is the distance from London to Caen?

The distance between the above places is 138 miles. This distance is point to point straight distance. The actual distance may vary according to the flight path chosen. Also t (MORE)
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Where is caen?

It is in the North West of France (a similar longitude to Paris) in the Haute-Bretagne region, and about 10km in from the coastline.
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What does Tripes a la mode de Caen mean?

Tripe (plural in French) is the lining of a pig's stomach. Caen is a town in Normandy, capital of the Département (County) of Calvados. Normandy is famous for cider, which (MORE)
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How far is it to Disneyland Paris from Caen?

178 miles on 'shortest route' (3 hrs 44 mins by car). 187 miles on quickest route (3 hrs 25 mins by car). there is a train from Caen to Paris, but I am unable to find trains (MORE)
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What is Caen famous for?

Caen is known for its historical buildings built during the reign of William the Conqueror, who was buried here, and for the Battle for Caen-heavy fighting that took place in (MORE)
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How do you pronounce the city Caen?

With great difficulty, for most people. Say 'Kah' through your nose. When I ran a Bed and Breakfast establishment in Normandy, we had one unfortunate guest who arrived late, (MORE)
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What are facts about Caen France?

It is the capital of Lower Normandy It has two great churches, the Abbaye aux Hommes (with the tomb of William the Conqueror) and the Abbaye aux Dames (with the tomb of his (MORE)
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How old is Herb Caen?

Herb Caen was born on April 3, 1916 and died on February 1, 1997. Herb Caen would have been 80 years old at the time of death or 99 years old today.
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What is the distance by road from Caen in France to roscoff in France?

335 km taking this route: . Take AUTOROUTE A84 - RENNES, from Caen, to the ROUTE NATIONAL that leads to St-BRIEUC at SORTIE (EXIT) 34. . Take N175/N176 across to N12 toward (MORE)
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What is the distance by road from caen to st malo?

165 kilometres taking this route: . Take A84 RENNES, from Caen, to the ROUTE to ST-MALO at SORTIE (EXIT) 34. . Take N175/176 to D137 to ST-MALO. . Take D137 to St-Malo.
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What movie and television projects has Emilie Caen been in?

Emilie Caen has: Played Karen in "Julie Lescaut" in 1992. Performed in "Hautement populaire" in 2004. Played Clara in "Commissaire Cordier" in 2005. Played Sarah Gautier in "S (MORE)
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What has the author Ch Lyon-Caen written?

Ch Lyon-Caen has written: 'Manuel de droit commercial (y compris le droit maritime)' -- subject(s): Commercial law, Maritime law
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What is a Caen stone?

A Caen stone is a cream-coloured limestone used in building, named after its location in Caen, France.