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Is there a Saint Caitlyn?

Caitlyn, derived from the name Catherine and there are a number of saints named Catherine.
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What does Caitlyn eat?

Um.. My name is Caitlyn, And i eat what ever i want to eat, Just like you do.

What is the best book by Caitlyn Duffy?

The Rock Stars Daughter is the best book. I personally think its the best book I have read. It makes you cry a lot. It's sad I'm the beginning, romantic in the middle and says (MORE)
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Why was caitlyn beadles in the hospital?

As you know she was Justin Biebers girlfriend. She was in the hospital from suffering major head injuries after swimming on a family vacation and getting in the road of a boat (MORE)

What is a good build for Caitlyn?

Build For Caitlyn : Start items Doran's Blade Core items Vampiric Scepter Statikk Shiv Infinity Edge Berserker's Greaves Endgame items Guardian Angel (MORE)