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What is the benefit of connecting a DVR to a home network?

Answer . \nConnecting your DVR to your wireless network allows you to transfer and view media files, like digital photos and music, from your PC and view them on your DVR. (MORE)
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How do you record a DVD to hard drive?

get a popular program like 'dvdshrink' or Nero or something off and it'll be easy to record any DVD Answer are you rcording it from the computer
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What type of external hard drive is used for dish network?

The type of external hard drive that would be compatible would be a USB 2.0 external hard drive, with an external power source (not powered by the receiver's USB port.) The EH (MORE)
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Can a DVD movie be played on a DVR?

This depends on the particular model. Some DVRs have DVD players built in, and some do not. By itself, a standalone DVR (Digital Video Recorder) without a DVD drive built i (MORE)
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How do you connect an external hard drive to your computer?

it is simple just connect it to the usb port in your cpu cabinet if usb port are not found in front of cpu try in back side of cpu. also if u are using a charging external (MORE)
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Can I connect my PC to Dish Network DVR and transfer digital programs to my hard drive?

At this point, if your talking about your computer, you can't. But if your talking about an external hard drive hooked up to the box, you can. In your list of recorded program (MORE)
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What are the dvr options for dish network?

Right now Dish Network is offering a Free DVR-HDTV Upgrade. Dish Network installation is also free at this time in up to four rooms. \n The Dish Network Turbo HD is rated as (MORE)
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Do external hard drives copy dvds?

External hard drives do nothing on their own. Their purpose is for you to put data onto them. You could very well copy DVDs and put them on the hard drive, but they aren't goi (MORE)
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How do you play movie from external hard drive?

First you get your movie or CD and you open your hard drive and place the CD in it and close it back.Then you will have to wait for a window to pop up that will play your movi (MORE)
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I have an old Dish DVR with recorded programs. I now use Time Warner Cable. Can I connect this dish dvr to my tv and or my DVD player and watch the recorded shows?

Absolutely you can watch your old recorded programs - provided thatyou still have the smart card that plugs into the Dish DVR.However, you cannot record programs, so do NOT at (MORE)
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Dish network external hard drive to PC?

The external hard drive is supported on our 211, 211k, 411, 612, 622, 722, 722k, and 922 receivers. It will support single tier hard drives from 50 GB to 2 TB DVR receivers an (MORE)
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How do you record from hard drive to DVD on Sony DVD recorder?

Most DVD recorders that are stand-alone units (replacements for a video cassette recorder) do not have the ability to copy programs from a hard drive. Although many of them h (MORE)