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What is a female doctor called?

A doctor. "Doctresse" is an archaic term denoting a female doctor, but just like "professoress" and "instructress" are old terms which have been abandoned as there is no need (MORE)
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What age does a boy's penis stop growing?

Your penis will probably stop growing around age 16-18. If you are in your late teens, and your penis is still noticably smaller than average (see related link), you might wan (MORE)
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Can a boy's penis get smaller?

It is possible under certain circumstances but not normally. The penis starts to grow bigger when he hits puberty and carries on growing until he reaches around 19 to 20-years (MORE)
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Can steriods affect a young boy's penis from growing?

Steroid use in children is open to many suggestions and critiques because it's hard to study as testing on children is highly frowned upon (unsurprisingly). However, there (MORE)
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Are girls attracted to a boy's penis?

Most heterosexual girls are attracted to a boy's penis, as well as most of the defining physical attributes of masculinity. While such things may first attract a girls attenti (MORE)
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What is the very latest a boy's penis should start growing?

Puberty is VERY variable and although the average for boys to start puberty is 12 or 13 years of age the range of ages which are considered normal is anything between 9 years (MORE)
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Can a boy's penis fall off?

If a boy were to cut off circulation to his penis with a string, rope, rubber band, etc. it would be possible, depending on how tight it was.
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A boy and a doctor were fishing a boy is the doctor's son but the doctor is not the boy's fatherwho is the doctor?

The doctor is the boy's mother. When telling this riddle, manylisteners will automatically assume the doctor is male, and this iswhat makes it so difficult to solve. This is l (MORE)
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What does a boy's penis look like?

Look in a biology book. If you are curious you should ask your parents about sex before going on the internet and asking complete strangers. Theres a whole lot of bad stuff ou (MORE)
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Can girls touch the boy's penis?

yes they can... it won't bite... she can aim it to why you pee.... and when she does he will become very happy and want to thank her dor doing it by returning the favor. Boy (MORE)
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Does a boy's penis get longer as he grows?

yes it does. a males genitalia reaches full potential at around age 23-25 years old. the penis will increase in width as well as length.
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How does a girl put a condom on a boy's penis?

If you're 10 years old or younger, don't do this please, you'll have something like this happen in the future, live your life and carry on easy, have a good time! You're not e (MORE)
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What happens if a boy sees another boy's penis?

nothing really happens if you an male and sees anothermales penis and feel excited your probably going through puberty and you body is in an confused state if these feelings (MORE)
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Can a girl pee in a boy's penis?

Yes but it is very hard , PS.why don't you try it, a boy can pee in a girls vagina
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Can a boy's penis go on a girl?

Yes a penis can go on a girl, with her permission. But know the consequences. If the penis gets wet and has sperm it could go inside girl and make her pregnant. Always wea (MORE)
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Why does a boy's penis stick up?

I asume you mean when they get "hard" or aroused? A boy or mans penis "sticks up" because blood rushes to the penis when sexually aroused causing the penis to become stiff, lo (MORE)
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Is Doctor Who a female?

The Doctor (of Doctor Who) is currently a male. He regenerates when his body is damaged severely enough to a point near to death and so assumes a new form. This has, so-far, r (MORE)
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What is a female with a penis?

The person is called intersexed and they may have a genetic basis or a physical deformation. Either way they are as much a normal person as you would find anywhere.
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How can you tell if a boy's penis big?

You Can Tell By More Than A Few Reasons. One Is That You Would See It Sticking Through His Pants. Another Is That He May Become Shy And Embarrassed All Of The Sudden, But Do N (MORE)
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What do you do if you feel like a girl in a boy's body?

This can be a difficult situation. There are many people who feel the same way you do! The first place to turn would be to look online for some good transgender or transexua (MORE)
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Do female doctors touch male patients on the penis?

Whenever the examination or treatment requires it, a doctor of either gender would touch a penis. Of course they would usually be wearing rubber gloves, so the doctor's skin d (MORE)
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How come a 16years old boy's penis not straight?

There are differences in a penis between men and boys. They are not all the same. Bends or curves in one direction or another are not uncommon and are nothing to worry about. (MORE)
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Can you show your penis to a doctor?

Yes. Doctors are trained to look at every part of your body. They can help you with any problem you may have and can even detect some problems you may not know you have. And y (MORE)
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How do you touch a boy's penis?

Just grab it, and feel it. And make that boy moan! ;D by beating his meat (masturbating him)
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Will there be a female Doctor Who?

The Eleventh Doctor has spoken of Corsair, a Time Lord, of having had several reincarnations as both a male and female (Episode: Doctor's Wife).
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What come outs of a boy's penis if a girl sucks it?

First, pre-ejaculate, which is a thin lubricating fluid. Second, ifhe ejaculates, the fluid contains sperm. A boy cannot urinate atthe same time, but boys often have urine odo (MORE)
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How big is the average boy's penis?

It all depends on age im 18 and when i hit puberty at the start of year 8 (age 12 from the August, 1 month before starting year 8) my penis was about 2.5-3.5 flacid (not erect (MORE)
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Is there a female Doctor Who?

Dr. Who has always been, to my knowledge, a male character. However in science fiction, there have been female doctors- for example Dr. Venus who was the sidekick of Steve Zod (MORE)
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Are female doctors as good as male doctors?

Male medical professionals are every bit as good as female medicalprofessionals. Female medical professionals are every bit as good as male medicalprofessionals. There has bee (MORE)