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Can a woman get pregnant if her partner does not ejaculate?

Yes. Small amounts of semen can still travel down the urethra even without a full ejaculation. The reason pre-ejacu;ate gets wrongly blamed for pregnancies is that men somet (MORE)
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If a man ejaculate outside can a woman get pregnant?

Answer . yes, a man produces what is called pre-ejaculate constantly during sex. This has a small amount of sperm in it and can get a woman pregnant. the only way to avoid (MORE)
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What happens if you ejaculate while she is pregnant?

To the last person to answer... I doubt that is why they asked the question to begin with. THINK!!! If she is already pregnant she cannot get pregnant again ... THINK!!! (MORE)
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Is it ok if a man ejaculates in you when pregnant?

During the first few months of pregnancy, it isn't harmful. However, towards the 6th month and beyond, it isn't recommended. This is because a man's sperm can trigger early la (MORE)
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Can a woman get pregnant again while she is still pregnant?

No, because the egg is already being used for the other baby to grow in. this can happen there has been cases but its very rare! 1992 a women fell pregnant 4 weeks apart (MORE)
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Can a rabbit be pregnant with more than one litter at once?

i truly don't believe so Correction: From my research i believe they can. This is because rabbits have two ducts leading to their ovaries. They can be pregnant with one litte (MORE)
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While pregnant do you pre-ejaculate?

I think I am somewhat confused by your question as 'pre-cum' is a term used for men, and pregnancy happens to a woman. However, if by precum you just mean vaginal secretions (MORE)
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Can you get pregnant if the guy came in you more than once?

Forget the answer; I'm baffled by the question. Did you think it worked like a light switch... the second time cancels out the first or something? Yes, of course you can. In (MORE)
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If you only ejaculate in a girl once is she pregnant?

If you mean, if you only ejaculate once inside her, then the answer would be. It depends on if she is ovulating, if you are both fertile and the motility of your sperm. It onl (MORE)
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Can you become pregnant if the female is using birth control pills and the male is using a condom but cums more than once in it while still inside the female.Done the same way two days in a row?

any time you have sex, there is a chance to get pregnant, there is no 100% guarantee. however, as long as you are taking the pills correctly, and he is using the condom correc (MORE)
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Can a 46 year old woman get pregnant if a man did not ejaculate inside of her?

46 is fairly mature for a woman to become pregnant, but if she has not gone through menopause it is possible - all it takes is one sperm within the reproductive canal for fert (MORE)
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Can a woman still get pregnant if the man withdraws and she gushes?

When a woman "gushes" this is simply the result of an orgasm that some women experience and is not related to pregnancy or fertilization. Yes, a woman can still get pregnant (MORE)