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Can an employer's risk management department request an employee's drivers license information and SSN for the company's driving records even though driving is not of function of the employee's job?

Can They Ask For That? . \nThe short answer is: Any employer, their agents, their affiliates, their friends, their relatives, and anybody else can ASK you for ANYTHING... (MORE)
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How can the manager motivate his employee's?

There are several ways develop and motivate your employees. Motivation begins with respect for one another. It is not important that employees like each other but it is critic (MORE)
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You have members of your Church council who are also paid employee's do they have the right to vote on church matters?

Yes they do for they are still members of the church even though the church employs them. Church employment is no different to having a job outside of the church.. I was orga (MORE)
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What is an employee's obligation to the firm?

An employees first obligation to the firm he/she works for is to do the job they were hired to do.after that there may be changes in the job as a result of changing technology (MORE)
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What are the employee's strong points?

Commited with the his job.. Good Communication skills as communication is the key to success.. Better knowledge regarding products and the company too.. sincer with the com (MORE)
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Employee's key area of development?

In an employee review often a manager will highlight key areas ofdevelopment that they would like the employee to work on. Thiscould be tasked focused such as increasing outpu (MORE)
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Can an employer ever withhold salary employee's pay?

Yes, all employers do. I must have the employee's written permission to withold taxes, insurance premiums, retirement contributions. A court order can compel me to withhold ch (MORE)
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Use of employees or employee's?

employees is plural, employee's is possesive The bank's employees did nothing to stop the robber. The employee's bank was being robbed.