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Where can a eleven year old get a job?

Answer . apply for a paper route. but if you are interested in something else. just hang signs up on your streets for different jobs that you are willing to do. you can't a (MORE)
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Can an eleven year old have a boyfriend?

It depends on how mature this eleven year old is and if her parents let her. I have many friends who had boyfriend when they where eleven. Just ask yourself if it's really som (MORE)
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Can an 11 year old watch her sibling?

it depents if you can trust that child. If you think there up to it you should let them baby-sit. I would allow somebody to baby-sit at the ages 13 or older.
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Is there a famous eleven year old?

No but there's gonna be/..,,,.............ME!! Wait, JAden smith is 11........ oh no right he's 12
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Is it legal for a ten year old to watch a six year old sibling after school for about three hours in Tennessee?

\nIf you put your children at risk, it isn't legal.\n. \nHow responsible is the 10 year old?\n. \nWhere is the closest neighbor if there is a problem, are they responsible?\ (MORE)
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Can a eleven year old child be left alone in the house?

I would ask the local police. When I asked our local police when my children were younger I was told there was no state law, but rather it depended on the parents trust of (MORE)
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Can an eleven year old have children?

If they have started their period, then physically yes, otherwise no. An 11-year-old child is too young emotionally to cope with giving birth and although physically able if (MORE)
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Were can you get a job if you are eleven years old?

Child labor laws don't allow a business to hire anyone under 16 so at 11 you can babysit, mow lawns, feed/walk dogs, get a paper route, help people around the house.
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How do you get a boyfriend at eleven years old?

don't, please. You are so young and I know you're probably tired of people telling you that and you want to grow up already, but honestly if I were you I would just focus on f (MORE)
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Can an eleven year old watch a 12 movie?

It depends on whether there is an adult around or not... 15 rated movies are quite bad for an 11 year old but 12 rated movies are OK!
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Can an eleven year old be an author?

yes but your parents need to get a deal with publishing company ___ It is good advice to have someone else deal with the agents and publishers, but anyone can be an author.. (MORE)
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Where can an eleven year old volunteer?

I know for sure that if you volunteer to do beach clean-ups, it doesn't matter what age you are. I also suggest looking for opportunities at your city community center.
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Should a ten year old kiss a ELEVEN year old?

There is nothing wrong with that. There is probably a few years between your parents. I am 16 and my boyfriend is 17. I think that is perfectly acceptable. I am 13 a (MORE)