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Can you buy over the counter wormers for cats?

Yes, pet stores carry the products, but it is advisable not to use these products. Flea or worm treatment found in stores are often ineffective, or in the worse-case scenario, (MORE)
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Is a dog wormer safe for a cat?

No - cats are much smaller than dogs, and are much more sensitiveto the harmful side effects of several dewormers commonly used indogs. You should always use a cat-labeled dew (MORE)
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Can you give a dog cat wormer?

No, the ingredients and dose rates are different between cats and dogs, and some dewormers can only be used in one species. Your best option is to get a cat-specific dewormer (MORE)
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What do you do when a cat has diarrhea?

Many things can cause diarrhea in felines, the most common being food allergies, intestinal parasites and even some antibiotics can interfere with a cat's stomach. If you are (MORE)
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My Persian cat gets diarrhea frequently what may cause that?

There are multiple reasons - parasite infestataion, bacterial infection or overgrowth, inflammatory bowel disease, etc. Persians are also somewhat high maintenance and are qui (MORE)
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Can dog wormer kill cats?

yes. Dose and formula could be too strong or not balanced for a cats PH etc...
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Where to buy cat wormer?

The best place to buy worming treatments is from the vet. The best products will often need a prescription. Pet stores or even superstores will carry worming and flea products (MORE)
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Can wormer cause death in dogs?

Yes a dewormer can cause death if you give way too much of it. That is why it is important to weigh your dog to get an accurate weight before you deworm your dog. The dewormin (MORE)
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What is the best de-wormer for dogs and cats?

There isn't a single best dewormer, since there is no single dewormer that is effective against all the different types of intestinal worms. However, pyrantel pamoate is proba (MORE)