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Is it normal for a period to last longer than usual?

yup . Yes. Sometimes this happens. Don't worry. If your period last's more then 14 days, contact a doctor.. Answer . \nyes my wife had that same problem some times, (MORE)
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Could you be pregnant if you had your period but it was much longer than usual and you have a lot of pregnancy symptoms?

Answer . \nAn unusual period is a common sign of pregnancy. I am 14 weeks gone and had a long period lasting two weeks, then no menstruation for two months and then again (MORE)
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If i have my period for longer than usual did i miscarriage or chemical pregnancy?

If you know for sure that you are pregnant, it is probably not going to be your period, although some women have experienced a "first" period then learns a couple of weeks lat (MORE)
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What does it mean when your period lasts 2 weeks longer than usual?

usually it means when the lining of your uterus doesent shed normally then your period lasts that long. during normal periods it sheds completely and when it does your period (MORE)
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You got your period for 8 days longer than usual 6 days seven days after you got it again what is wrong with you?

You got your period and it lasted 8 days longer than usual. Six orseven days after you got it again and you are wondering what iswrong with you. This could happen for many rea (MORE)
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What if your period is longer than a week?

The normal range of a menstrual period can be anywhere from 3-10 days. If your period goes on much longer than usual, or you continue to bleed heavily for more than 10 days, y (MORE)
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What if your period last longer than usual?

It depends on how much longer it is lasting, on average amenstrual period will last 4-7 days but a little longer than thisis normal - this is especially true if you're in your (MORE)
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My period is heavier than usual. why?

Your period will not always be the same. I'm having the same problem at the moment and it really annoyed me. but don't worry, It's perfectly normal for it to be different. If (MORE)
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Your last menstrual period lasted 5 days longer than usual your period usually lasts 4 to 5 days a month later no period and found out that you are expecting Could you be further along than you think?

The only certain way to find out how many weeks pregnant you are is to have an ultrasound scan.. Some women can confuse 'spotting' (very light bleeding) with a period after f (MORE)
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What does it mean if you bleed longer than you usually do?

Without getting into the nitty-gritty details....if your "bleed time" is longer than the normal limits, it means there is a coagulopathy---or a problem with the clotting proce (MORE)
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Is an epoch longer than a period?

No. In the geological time-scale, periods are subdivided into epochs and so epochs are shorter lengths of time.
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What cause your period to stay on for more than seven days?

In my case, I had a uterine fibroid -- it's a non-cancerous tumor like kind of thing in your uterus. If you do have one and it's small, birth control pills should control it p (MORE)
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Why is your period lasting longer than usual is it because you just had a baby?

yes most likely, it will take awhile for your body to return back to normal and bring all those crazy hormones back to the right level, after having a baby my period lasted 6w (MORE)
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What if your period is shorter than usual?

If your period has came early and lasts 3-4 days, pr shorter than usual, you are pregnant. This process is called implantation.
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What is going on if your period is longer than usual?

It could just be irregular. My last period was longer than usual too. But then my next period came 8 days late, but then again I had health issues during my ovulation. So it's (MORE)
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Is a period longer than an era?

Usually, an era refers to a specific time period, normallyassociated with the dates of an important event, while a period isoften used to refer to events that share a characte (MORE)