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What if you are trying to reverse an adoption without the adoption parents consent?

You're going to need to do a few things, and most likely a LOT more than what I'm about to tell you but this will get you started. . Get your own lawyer NOW. Make sure he/s (MORE)
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If the parents have joint legal and physical custody of the child but the mother is the primary custodian can she move the child to another school without the father's consent?

It basically depends on where your considering on putting the child, is it within the same school district? Has the custodial parent moved to another home which has a new scho (MORE)
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Can a mother sign over parental rights without the fathers consent because he is in prison?

Yes a mother can. Once in prison he loses the majority of his rights including that one and the right to sign consent for a divorce.. My mother did it with my sister and myse (MORE)
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Can you gain custody of your siblings without your parents consent?

If you live in the US, the only way in which that would occur is if you can prove your parents to be unfit. You must be atleast 18 years of age. You have to be able to give th (MORE)
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In California can you be emancipated without parental consent?

Emancipation does not require parental consent. The Family Act Section 7120 provides the requirements. The court decides whether emancipation should be granted or not. They us (MORE)
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Can a non custodial parent move without consent of the custodial parent?

Yes. The non-custodial can move. However, that parent must providethe custodial parent with their new address and visitations maybecome a source of problems. Therefore, you sh (MORE)
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Can a non-custodial parent release HIPAA records without the consent of the Custodial parent?

The person who stated NO to this clearly has no idea what they aretalking about. HIPAA specifically protects a non-custodial parent'sright to COMPLETE access to all medical re (MORE)
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If your husband's ex wife wants to sign temporary rights of their kids to her parents shouldn't your husband gain the temporary custody before her parents?

Not in Texas. I have to make some assumptions here, always a badidea, but it goes something like this: I assume that your husbandand his ex-wife went to court at the break up (MORE)
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Can the custodial father hand over rights to his parents without the biological mother knowing?

In the US, no. Only a court can grant legal guardianship. If your child's father filed a petition to transfer legal guardianship to his parents you should be notified as the c (MORE)
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Can the mother change the childs name and have her new husband adopt the child without the real fathers consent?

That depends on where you live and whether you parental rights have been terminated. In the United States, parentage would first have to be established either by being list (MORE)