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Does the London underground go to Heathrow Terminal 5?

London Underground's (Tube) Picadilly Line goes to Heathrow Terminal 5. This is the cheapest AND the slowest way to get to Heathrow. However, the Heathrow Express train, whi (MORE)
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Where can you buy the iPad 2?

It will be sold in 26 contries such as USA, Italia, Japan, England, Germany, Australia, Island, Hungary, Swiss, Mexico, Netherlands, New zealand, Norway, Poland , Portugal, Sp (MORE)
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What terminal at Heathrow?

There are five terminals at Heathrow although one of them is currently closed for rebuilding work.
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Can you get ios 5 on an iPad 2?

Yes but I suggest not downloading it for there is many serious problems with the update such as memory loss, battery leak, and wifi not connecting.
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Why should you buy iPad 2?

Because you want to have a laptop that is more portable, longer battery life, quiet and plays great games.
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Why does your iPad 2 not have iOS 5?

You have to update your iPad 2 to iOS 5 if you bought it prior to the launch of iOS 5. You can update now to iOS 6 (and soon iOS 7), by plugging your iPad 2 into the computer (MORE)
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Can you get from Birmingham to Heathrow Terminal 5 by train?

You can get from Birmingham to Reading by train, and from there take the connecting bus to Heathrow Terminal 5. Birmingham New Street to Reading takes about 1h35, Reading t (MORE)
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Can you buy an Oyster Card at Heathrow Airport terminal 3?

Yes. Terminal 3 is served by the Heathrow Central station, alongwith Terminals 1 and 2. You can purchase the Oyster Card at theticket office. You can also pre-order and pre-lo (MORE)