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Can a spouse be dropped from health insurance if they are still married?

A person can certainly choose to drop a spouse from their coveragewith one exception. If the employer is paying 100% for the employeeand spouse then the employee can not opt o (MORE)
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Can you drop your employer-sponsored health insurance at any time?

Answer . You can always drop due to a qualifying event. If you did not have a qualifying event, check your Section 125 Plan (AKA Cafeteria Plan). This document dictates (MORE)
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How can an employee drop the health insurance provided by the employer?

Answer . Under most circumstances you can drop coverage at open enrollment. You can check with your benefits administrator to see if there are any qualifying events that ma (MORE)
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If you have insurance under hippaa and drop that insurance because your employer starts offering health insurance will you still qualify for hippaa coverage if you get laid off?

HIPAA is not insurance. HIPAA is the Heath Information Portability and Accountability Act passed by congress to protect persons Personal health Information (PHI).There is a cl (MORE)
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What is a qualifying event to drop medical insurance through your employer?

Usually divorce (to drop the other party) or marriage. Otherwise you may have to wait until open enrollment to drop. If you want to add yourself to your spouse or partner's co (MORE)
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What are qualifying reason to drop health insurance?

In the US, some qualifying reasons to drop health insurance would be because one of the people originally covered becomes eligible for Medicare, one of the people covered dies (MORE)
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Can you be denied health insurance due to preexisting medical conditions if your job status becomes permanent and qualify for health insurance?

Usually you won't be denied coverage outright, but expect your coverage to have limitations that will prevent you from making claims directly related to your preexisting condi (MORE)
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Can an employer drop health insurance for its employees if it is voluntary?

"Voluntary" insurance programs, such as those offered by AFLAC and certain other companies, are actually individual insurance policies that are marketed at the workplace-frequ (MORE)
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Can you be dropped by your health insurance?

Yes, you can still be dropped for a number of things, like lying onthe application, fraud or non payment of the premiums. just make sure to be honest and provide all requeste (MORE)
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Can you drop your spouse from your health insurance?

In general, there is no legal requirement that a spouse be insured on the other spouse's health insurance. A major exception to this general rule would be, for example, if the (MORE)
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Who qualifies for government health insurance?

It is important to note that Government Health Insurance comes in several plans. Medicaid is governed heavily by each state but is usually for low - income families, or indiv (MORE)
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What kind of health examination do you have to undergo before you can qualify for homeowner insurance?

You do not need a health examination to obtain home owner insurance. Your health is not an issue. If you were to suddenly die, after buying home owner insurance, the insurance (MORE)
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What month can you drop your health insurance coverage?

There are lots of reasons that dropping your health plan at anytime is unwise. But to answer your question: You can go for up tothree months without health insurance, and stil (MORE)